Win2000 server with possible HD problem?

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Sep 21, 2007
  1. HP netserver800E / OS:2000 server family, 36GB HP HD. I attempted 20-30 times booting from floppies & RAM and once or twice I got as far as a selection to 'R' repair and re-install the OS. Occasionally I get a message about missing file(s) but then it freezes on please wait while windows setup...

    I cant get to safe mode with DOS to preform a CHKDSK /F.

    Is there a piece of software that will get me into DOS or AV I can run from a floppy in DOS?

    If I could get it to the next stage to scan for missing files and restore them from the origianl disks would be great!


  2. Rik

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    It could well be a ram fault. Google and get memtest and run it for atleas 8 passes.
  3. PFJ

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    Tkanks Rik, even though the initial DOS prompt says 'mem passed'. I've just used F8 and got a 'NO OS...' prompt.
  4. Rik

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    Everything a pc does passes through ram, so its worth testing it.
  5. PFJ

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    Thanks Rik, but it looks like the HD has failed. I found a Diagnostic disk among the HP literature. I had to found two floppies but in the end they said that the HD had failed the test. It's a SCSI 36GB.

    It's strange. Two weeks or so ago we had a new HP server installed running in tandem with this old server. This week the new server failed, the old server failed and the modem/router failed! coincidence or what?
    IT guys say it's a hardware defect in the new server.

    Sad part is that a lot of important files are lost to the company.

    Have a nice weekend...I'm clocking off now


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