Win2003 server denies access for record of boot GHOST

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Dec 3, 2006
  1. It would like an information of somebody that belongs to the group, therefore I am with a problem. It would be really on Windows 2003. I have the Windows 2003 Server installed Enterprise and I am being serving of domain. Very well, I need to make installation of diverse stations that conect in exactly, and for this I am using GHOST 8.0. Until there no problem, therefore I generated the images of correct form. Everything functioned very well is the System of the 2003 was not serving of domain. It obtained to make the installations for net. With the domain I am not obtaining to make these installations. Use one boot of DOS the 98 (generated for the proper GHOST), with all to driver them of net. Map it the folder that is in the server, however does not give to access to the content (reply to me of a search: Denied access). The domain was installed to allow to system access daily pay-2000. It would like that somebody could help me, therefore already I practically tried of that I wise person.
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    I'm sorry but I really did try to understand your post, but the english is terrible,

    I guess what your trying to achieve is a mapped drive from a PC and your getting "access denied" when using a 98 bootdisk with ghost.

    The error can occur is the permissions for the folder are incorrect, or the folder isnt set to be shared.

    When creating the disk and you are asked for a share to connect to it should be in the format \\domainserver\folder.
    This same folder should be set to be shared on the domain PC and the permissions set to everyone.

    Hope this helps

    Be seeing you..
  3. rogi_cps

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    It forgives me, my English is really TERRIBLE. I am Brazilian and I do not speak English. Necessary of a translator.

    The share conect in the format specified was created, and permission in the folder server is correct, however still it gives denied access.

    knows some another solution?
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    Did you set both the share permissions and the file system permissions?
  5. rogi_cps

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    yes i set share permission. the permission is st for everyone.

    I am finding that the problem is in the compatibility of the Win2003 with the WIn98, exactly that is a record of boot of Of. It would know some thing on this?
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