WIN2k Services - Permissions

By ezpia
Feb 4, 2003
  1. I've working on develop MSB for the servers on our company and we have based most of the work on the "Security Templates" and "Security Configuration and Analisys" add-ins of the Microsoft's MMC console.

    When we configure Application Services through this templates we define permissions for each service (something like this: Administrators & System :Full Control; an remove every other user.)

    From the tests we made we have detected some troubles with this settings, for example a user can't browse the network if he (or his group) doesn't have read access over the workstation service.

    I'm trying to find a document that show us which are the minimal recommendation setting for the permissions of the default Windows 2000 services.

    Does anyone has such a document or knows where can I find that information?

    Thanks in advance.
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