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Jun 20, 2005
  1. Hello
    I am using japanese windows (though i speak English) and after having my hard disk repaired a few weeks ago i have not been able to reinstall AVG free version. It cuts off just before the loading bar completes and the computer shuts down and restarts automatically.

    Recently I have been getting Win32 problem flashing up and was wondering if the two are connected. I have read other threads and they seem to suggest that some anti virus software is to blame.

    I am by no means a computer expert, I use this mostly for writing and photography, this problem is doubled by by inabilty to read a lot of the japanese windows so any answers please make as simple as possible. Basically how can I get rid of this Win32 stress inducer and get AVG back on so that i can relax and use my computer easiier?

    have used AVG before and think it is great I miss not having it on there. My computer has MacAfee installed though it is not I believe active anymore. I have an NEC computer which has a lot of stuff installed on it by the company themselves, most of which i don`t want. i did not get a XP home disk either (apparently one doesn`t come with this computer!!)

    Many thanks
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    As for your AVG problem, occasionally a certain install-file version does not work properly. Uninstall what you have, and/or delete all AVG-directories from your HD.
    Then download the latest free AVG version from and install that.

    As an afterthought, were you trying to re-install AVG-6? That's no longer supported, AVG-7 is what you need.
  3. Sungypsy

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    Thankyou I have finally installed AVG and found several stick little virus on my system.

    One thing that has come up from doing that is a thing called 180search

    This I did not knowingly install. Is it part of AVG or has it snuck in under cover of that. I don`t know what it does when you go to delete it it just says that it keeps downloads and toolbvars working and gives instructions on how to delete rather than a direct link to the delete pages as normal. Is it a dangereous thing or should I ignore it.

    I still have something on my computer that flashes up a little too fast to see as i shut down and I`m wondering if the two are connected
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  5. RealBlackStuff

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  6. Sungypsy

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    the perfect solution

    Thank real black stuff. I will certainly start cleaning it out I already had Spybot and Adaware on my computer. Spybot runs finds a few things then stops on an error and can`t remove them. " ncase" is one of the things it finds and i can`t remeber the other but I`m sure they are stopping Spybot search and destroy from doing the destroy part of it name. I seem to have Mediaacck.exe and Auagent popping up regularly especially as i shut down but Thanks to you I should be able to zap them away.

    I quite shocked how quickly these all attacked me. I was very careful when I got my computer back I put Spybot and Adaware on before I went on the nternet and pretty much the first thing I did online was try to instal AVG free. The fact that it wouldn`t install I thought was due to a bad repair on NEC`s part. But hopefully it will all get sorted now.

    Thanks for all your help.
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