win98 hangs with "while" at start of windows gui

By myk
Mar 22, 2007
  1. Mysys:
    runs dual boot win 98 and Linux FC5 using GRUB as the loader.

    I have had a system that ran perfectly for "years" until last week In the middle of a download it lockedup - no response from kb or mouse. The download was running fine until I selected an online folder at the download site purporting to contain pdf files.
    what i did:

    - Full cold reboot.
    Boot runs through the bootloader to select windows and then hangs.

    - try booting to safemode menu - the menu appears and I can selexct any option but there is no activity - it hangs
    - tried F8 for step by step.
    - bootlog=y
    - device himem.sys /testmem:eek:n=y
    - device dblbuff.sys /D+=y
    - device high ifshlp.sys=y
    - win GUI=y

    the screen then shows "while" and nothing else. it hangs.
    Rebooting into Linux I can mount and look at the windows files. They appear to be OK. there are no recent changes (lastmod date) to the main system (that i can see).
    I do have another machine running 98 if I need any files etc,
    The fact that I can get to the point where it should start the windows gui implies to me that something passed the firewall / antivirus and changed something. . . ?


    Can someone please list the actions / files that windows is accessing at the point of the hang. Any help on finding where the file is that contains the "while" command would be appreciated.

    Ever hopeful
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