Win98 + WinXP dual boot OR upgrade

By joegroups
Sep 5, 2003
  1. Hello,

    I started my pc under windows XP and after the Welcoming screen it restarted continousely.
    I made few search to reach a conclusion that it 'might' be the kernel32.dll missing or damaged: So, I followed instructions.

    Restarting my computer 'error loading operating system': made again few search and used all the tools my time and my connection can get: WD tools verified the integrity of my HD.

    Ok, I decided to do the same routine basic way to make it work.
    Deleted all partitions; formatted all partitions;

    Option I: installed windows 98 - done well.
    Put my bootable windows XP Cd and ran it: After copying the needed files and on reboot, my pc halts on Verifying DMA pool!!!

    Option II: redeleted all partitions; reformated
    Installed windows 98 - done well
    Installing windows XP on a new partition and after copying the needed files and on reboot - SAME RESULT - my pc halts on Verifying DMA pool!!

    I did this procedure on one million PC and never had this problem. I am really stuck!!!!!!!!!!

    Pls advise.

    Thank you
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