Win98SE Setup: Error Code SU991010

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Feb 24, 2005
  1. Hi, I am getting the above error message when I try to re-install Win 98SE. I am told that it means my anti-virus software should be disabled or that my disk needs unlocking. I have done the first, and as far as I know the second does not apply. All searches point to the same Microsoft page, but since that does not work I am left with no help. Can anyone advise me further?? Thanks in advance.
  2. ricvai7

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    Try entering this is the Start>RUN menu:

    the driverletter of your CDROM then

    setup /d

    IF that doesn't work I restart my computer then press F8 while it is going through the POST test. Then scroll down untill you get Command Prompt Only then write at the C: prompt:

    Scanreg /restore

    This will restore you registry to the last time you saved it before this happened.

    Let me know how it works,
  3. ricvai7

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  4. Ormus

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    Su 991010

    Thanks for your response. I tried both of your suggestions - unfortunately the /d option had no effect and the restore me put me back to a setting I have spent hours trying to change! Your link is the one that all references to this problem seem to refer to, but I have already disabled antivirus stuff and as far as I know my disk is not locked. I have copied Win98SE (disk) to my hard drive and tried from there. No luck. I have checked cables, RAM seating and power unit - all seem OK. I think I maybe could load it if I went into the BIOS and changed the settings to "Boot from CDRom" - but I did that once before and Windows completely overwrote all my settings - which was very annoying and difficult to replace. Any other thougts appreciated. Thanks. Ormus
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    In which stage of install does it appear?

    Some disk cache utilities or boot sector write protection may cause this 'locking' weirdness, I think.
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Is it something that requires a complete reinstallation of the OS?
    Reinstalling OS overwrites settings nevertheless. But if you mean formatting the whole partition, don't you have an option to avoid it?

    If you're trying to run setup from 98SE's DOS mode, try the "safe mode command prompt only", then load xmsmmgr from 98's setup directory and try again.
  7. Ormus

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    It appears after the box "Setup is checking your system - checking Drive C" has been completed; then "Checking Drive D"; then "Preparing Win 98 Setup". At this point the error message appears. I have now managed a re-install doing a clean boot with "Force compatibility Disk access" checked, but my original problem still remains - an inability to run or install certain progs (like Winword) which have stopped working since a previous *successful* re-install, necessitated by something causing my Windows System and Command folders being wiped out. However, I have found something that may be pertinent. When doing a thorough Scandisk I am told not enough conventional free memory available and something about loading EMM386.exe in Config.sys. Trying this I am told EMM386 can't be found, although it IS there. Maybe my syntax is wrong. I am not running any disk cache utilities that I am aware of, and when my settings were overwritten before there was no option to avoid that I saw. However this time my settings were left intact. Any more ideas appreciated!
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