Winbook Si Windows 98 won't boot...

By Bud
Jul 23, 2005
  1. Hey. I recently got a Winbook Si running Windows 98 Second Edition from my boss, and today it would not boot up. Everything was fine untill today... I plugged it in and pushed power, the lights on the front light up, but the HD access lights don't and absolutely nothing happens. I've read of similar issues caused by a new battery thats not calibrated, but there is some sort of reaction from the notebook in those instances, but I get NOTHING. I've tried it with and without the battery and there is no difference.
    I don't really know the specs cause the notebook is new to me, otherwise I'd post them.
    I'd really appreciate any thoughts anyone has to share. Maybe a dead Hard Drive?? Bad PSU?? Thanks for your time
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