Window auto reboot randomly..

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Jan 14, 2007
  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I'm just looking for some help with my problem and find this forum while searching on google. For last 2 days, my comps keep restarted unexpectedly without any warning or error. I 've unchecked the auto restart when system crash so it would give me bsod and the error but it just simply auto rebooted. I've re-installed my computer without installing anything device or software, unplug all the additional device(by the way my OS is XP pro SP1) and it still have same problem. I also update with microsoft and SP2, it still has the problem but less often.. but still.. screwed me up in the middle of homeworks.. I hope anyone would know the problem and help me identify it.. I am really clueless what is going on with my computer..

    Thanks very much.
  2. N3051M

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  3. thetringuyen

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    thx for helping me N3051M.
    - i checked for trojan/spyware/ virus: none.
    - I dun find any folder as minidump in c:\windows\.. even with hiddens files --> i guess my system didnt really crash? In addition, i also uncheck the auto reboot option to get bsod but i get nothing and it just reboot--> it not really a crash???
    - I also checked ram with memtest ->> 0 errors.
    - I also take all piece of hardware out and clean the dust and put back. I only plug bak graphic card, soundcard(included in motherboard) keyboard, mouse but still get reboot.
    - I tried to run in safemode and still got reboot so I guess it no problem with the software part?
    Also when i search with ccleaner i got some error with .net microsfot frame..
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    .Net you can try and reinstall.. however i don't really know if that would help in any way, but you'd never know..

    If its still reboot in safe mode, it could mean two things. One is that there's a hardware fault, the other is a corrupted windows core file. Hardware fault is the most likely, so open up your PC and take a look.

    -Check your motherboard and look for anything out of the ordinary, like burns, weird marks, popped/leaking capacitors etc.
    -Check your PSU and see if its adequate to run your system, and if its a generic brand, have enough overkill to keep your system alive. Read my general games troubleshooting faq below to learn how to determine this.
    -Check Heat. Also in my faq.
    -download the manufacturer's diagnostic utility for your HDD and let it have a run of it.

    -If all else fails, start up on minimum setup [cpu/mobo, power, audio/visual, 1 hdd, 1 ram stick] and see if its stable. If it is, then you know one of the things you took out is causing the instability. Simple process of elimination from there.

    Good luck :D
  5. thetringuyen

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    - Since I re-format the hard-driver and reinstall WIN XP OS and still get the reboot problem so I guess it come down to hardware fault?

    - I checked and dont see anything weird but you reminded me of once time i blowed up my comp by plug in the power in the wrong place after take them all out to clean up. but only the power cable were burnt and i took care of that. It happened like a year ago.

    - sorry for my limited knowledge :p but i dun really know wut that meant :p i know very little about comp hardware. Do you mind to explain for me pls?

    - I cleaned up with dust and all that stuff. Also got some sort of software for checking temp and it around 44 degree. I don't know if that is normal or not. And what should i look for in the diagnostic? It give me bunch of infomation that i dunno where they are normal or not. :(

    I already on a minimum setup with cpu/ mobo(motherboard rite?) audio included in mobo/ graphic card but still got the reboot. what should i do? :(

    Morover, I also found something in the device manager. a device named ethenet controller hadn't got installed and i dunno wut it is. I googled and found something look like the chip? is the ethernet controller = the chip? O.o if so could this is the problem? and where do i find the driver for this..?
    And i sometime get this error
    i googled and found that ANIWZCSdS.exe is a hosting file? but dunno wut for? could this be the cause? and how do i fix this problem?

    Lastly, i remembered once i used System Mechanic software to clear ram n defrag ram, u know, each time i open the ram managment it gave me the error "parameter incorrect" or something lik dat. would that mean ram is bad?

    thx again for spare ur time helping me ^^ :p
  6. N3051M

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    I'll list in order of quickest to do in troubleshooting.

    ANIWZCSdS.exe is related to D-Link wireless adapters. Did you install any sort of wireless devices recently or previously? If so, try uninstalling the drivers:
    -Take out the wifi adapter from the system.
    -Open up Add/Remove programs, look for anything associated with DLink and uninstall them.
    -Go to Device manager and uninstall the D-Link drivers from the Network adapters branch if there. Reboot.
    -Verify all sources of D-Link has been uninstalled by looking in the above places again, as well as going into Task manager and checking for ANIO or ANIWZCSdS etc.
    -See if your system is stable now.

    Ethernet controller is the thing on your motherboard or a dedicated card that handles the networking for your PC (where you can connect to other pcs or to a broadband service etc). Drivers are found by going to the manufacturer's website and downloading the correct drivers for it.
    Eg. if its part of the motherboard (onboard LAN) and your motherboard is an ASUS then you jump on and go search for your motherboard's model no. (example kn8....) and then download it.
    If its a dedicated card from netgear (example) then jump on and download the driver there for that card/model, whether PCI, USB or other..

    The PSU is pretty much the heart of the PC. If its a weak heart, it won't survive longer and won't provide enough energy for the whole pc to function as properly. Ensuring that the PSU has enough energy and has its own protection functions will cause less problems for your PC. This is something i would advise to check since you've mentioned you had a power spike before.

    First steps in determining if your PSU is the culprit thats causing the restarts, is to check if the total energy draw of your PC is under the amount of Watts
    rated for your PSU.
    Second step would be looking at the brand and model of your PSU and googling it. Generic brands come from some unknown brands and sometimes won't even come up on google or any sort of review sites like newegg, toms hardware etc. Cheapos don't have as much grunt as good quality PSUs and also lack the protective features to stop an electric spike destroying your other parts too.
    The rest of the instructions are in my faq, just click on the "General troubleshooting guide for games" link in my signature below.

    what brand is your Hdd? and what are you using to diagnose it? usually it will tell you on the screen about errors or if the test pass or fail. You can post that info here if you wish, and i will help read it for you..

    Never used the system mechanic software before, so i don't know how it works. I believe that error could be a software error.. google for something like "system mechanic software ram management parameter incorrect" or similar..
  7. thetringuyen

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    Is there anyway to fix the problem with ANIWZCSdS.exe? Cuz that the only way i connect to internet and i need to do check up with courses' webpage everyday for assignments n stuff.

    about the diagnose stuff i used everesthome software that has been suggested in one of other post here- i dun remember which one but one talking about reboot comp.. anyway it give me a long list of everything n i dunno if anything wrong.
  8. eric21120

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    I would also try hooking up PC with different power outlet..
  9. Hatrick

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    You said you had googled, but not precisely what. Did you try {"random reboot"+XP}? There are plenty of posts there.
    Also try here:- It's a fantastic resource for windows problems.
  10. thetringuyen

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    My comp has been stable for past few days untill now.. I just left to go eat and when I am back, I got a Bsod(first time since i have the problem with auto rebooting). I cant get in touch with the mini dump cuz it keep rebooting and doesnt start up now.. After the bsod I reset and each time it get into start up, it strated a checkdisk (chkdisk or something lik that).. and got reboot in middle..

    here is the error it said in the bsod:

    *** Stop: 0x00000077 (0xC000000E, 0xC000000E,0x00000000,0x037F4000)


    @hatrick: i tried many different combination on google such as: "auto reboot", "window xp auto restart",..etc.. I read through many of them and I really don't find any problem described like mine, tho I tried their solutions as well and still no hope.. yet. thx for the link too.
  11. Hatrick

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    Have spent the last hour googling your error message and code: plenty of questions but no conclusive answers in the few I scanned. You could try it yourself; you might get lucky.

    If you did install Speedfan, and temperatures and voltages are O.K., did you also go to the S.M.A.R.T. tab (as administrator) and get a report on the state of the hard disk?

    Apart from that, if you have followed all the advice given previously in the thread, I'm inclined to think hardware. It might be cheaper to buy a second hand machine on eBay than to pay a pro to fix yours. Just copy the things you want to keep onto CD/DVD first.

    If you're unable to get into Windows long enough to do that, boot up with a Knoppix or Ubuntu 'live CD' and copy via that. Instructions here:-

    But, if you want to have another crack at the current problem, this link might be helpful:-

    Let us know how it goes.
  12. thetringuyen

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    thx very much hatrick. My comp didnt even boot up for me to allow me to get any information about the crash. :(
    Anyway, i went buy a new HDD (seagate 120gb 7200rpm) since i do a diagnois and found some error with my old one. --> still got reboot. So i think it come down to the power supply now. I went to buy a new psu antect truepower life trio 650w and things seem to be stable now. The old HDD still work fine :-? but im thinking about keeping the new one as well.. cuz i like it too :p anyway, i hope things are stable now.. will see in next few days. I guess i had a carppy psu one.. raidmax 400w..

    thx everyone,specially to n3051m and hattrick :p thx guys.
  13. thetringuyen

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    hi again,...
    I still got reboot O.o but much less.. it happen like once in a while.. powersupply has been replaced, new HDD. wut else could be a problem ?:(
  14. foozy

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    Is it turning off or is it it restarting? A power supply failure will usually shut the computer completely off, while a windows problem will restart it. The problem usually is windows crashing after it retreives corrupted data from bad or mismatched RAM. Try replacing or switching that around, resetting your CMOS helps sometimes as well.

    Memtest CAN fail, especially if the memory itself isn't corrupted but the stick is faulty in some other way.
  15. N3051M

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    post new minidumps if available.
  16. thetringuyen

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    it restarting. there is no minidumps. I re-installed OS windows xp pro. I have 1 512Mb 3200 DDR DIMM and 2 216Mb 3200 DDR (DIMM? doesnt said on label). however, i tried to take them out and used 1 by 1 in different slots and still got reboot..
  17. N3051M

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    can't believe i missed this.. You've narrowed it down to at least PSU (which you've already replaced), RAM, Motherboard or CPU.

    are you using a proper graphics card or onboard (integrated into the motherboard) graphics adapter? If its a card, then add that to the list above.

    Order of expenses to try and fix first:
    -new pair of fresh ram sticks
    -replace motherboard
    -cpu (or get a new cpu/mobo combo..)
  18. thetringuyen

    thetringuyen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    I have been busy with school for past months, and mostly use computer just for school works and it went fine, no more reboot after replacing PSU and new Harddrive. Now, I have been play a game online called JX2 and got a problem. The monitor blacken after a while and continuously few time and it required me to reboot. The error was something that the adapter was out of control and has been reset. So.. I went to buy new graphic cards, ATI RADEON 9550. Things went fine afterward, no more blacken monitor.. but now i started getting reboot! I have been left my comp on for 24hr/day for few days before this start to happen. What should i do now? I cant afford anymore to replace motherboard and cpu.. I went broke after PSU, Harddrive and the graphic card:(..
  19. N3051M

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    go back and start troubleshooting logicaly.. since you've recently changed the graphics card i suggest starting with that (drivers, try old one etc)
  20. thetringuyen

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    I tried to switch back to the old graphic driver.. still got reboot. So I switch back to the new one and download new driver (it look the same as the one i installed before) and I still got rebooted.
    Now it started to happen if I use computer for a while.. (even left it idle) and sometime just 1 after another.. I tried to run memtest again and left it overnight--> reboot while i sleep:(..
    I dunno whether I should bring it to some comp store.. Do you know wherether how much they gonna charge for inspection? and.. is there anyway to make sure they dun replace my hardware?
    thx for reply.
  21. N3051M

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    ok.. try downloading a live OS like Knoppix or ubuntu and run it from the cd, without booting into windows. If its restarts then its most likely a hardware fault.

    i don't know how much a PC shop will charge for repairs, depends greatly on them, but i know that if you tell them not to change anything without your OK then they probably won't, apart for testing purposes in fault-finding.
  22. thetringuyen

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    okie dokie ^^ i got new main board+ cpu.. the system run fine now.. but 1 more problem.. PSU fan doesnt work O.o... here wut i have
    PSU: Antec TruePower Trio 650W
    Mainboard: INTEL BLKD101GGCL XPRESS200 775
    CPU: INTEL|P4 650 3.4G LGA775 2M 90NM
    VGA EVGA 7600GT 256-P2-N615-TX (PCI express)
    Ram: 1 Kingston 1GB PC3200 CL3 184pin DIMM DRR + 1 Ultra 512Mb PC3200 CL3 184pin DIMM DRR
    1 HDD 120GB seagate
    1Samsung DVD+- RW
    .. and the big fan in the PSU doesnt work:( the PSU is super hot now O.o I have to put an extra fan next to it while trying to figure out why.. .. help plz.. thx
  23. N3051M

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    i say get a new PSU.. or if you are really careful and know a bit about electronics, open it up and change the fan yourself with one of the same size and specs.

    If you do want to replace the fan yourself i must impart this warning:
  24. thetringuyen

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    that was a brand new psu... and still have warranty so i dun wanna open it up (waranty void if break the seal)
    do you think i should send it bak? or could it be because it doesnt partible with the mainboard or someother component(that y i posted up the whole system)?
  25. N3051M

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    well yes take it back for a repair or replacemet.. after all, its covered by warranty and its clearly a hardware problem.
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