Window system vgaoem.fon not found!

By walterlog
Dec 21, 2004
  1. hi i woke up this morning and this message was on my screen window system vgaoem.fon not found try to repair or restore from disk. anyone know why this occured? please
  2. Jay Davis

    Jay Davis TS Rookie

    vgaoem.fon missing or corrupted

    Windows system vgaoem.fon is also causing me trouble. My wife's 4 year old Compag using a Compaq FS740 monitor all of a sudden shows blinking rectangles and the system feezes up. I tried switching with my new Sony LCD monitor and now I get the vgaoem.fon problem. My wife never made restore discs. I think it's just a driver or dl or some code that's missing or corrupted. VGA stands for the monitor display. OEM refers to Original Eguipment Manufacturer.

    Have you found any help? Where?
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