window xp does not work

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Nov 23, 2003
  1. hi, 1. I was installing a GeForce mx440 128mb and my computer did not pick it up even after I installed my drivers and turned off my onboard grathics and i no the GeForce works 2. a few days after I turned my onboard grathics off I turned my computer on it went to the xp pro loading screen and after that just went to a black screen, please help thanks
  2. Phantasm66

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    try starting up in safe mode

    turn the on board graphics back on.

    look into device manager
    (right click my computer, manage, find device manager in the console listing).

    See if the geforce card is mentioned (under display).

    Where did you get this card? Can you test it in another machine?
  3. michael86

    michael86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I can't get into windows at all, I bought it from my brother and tested it on another computer to make sure it was not broken I have turned it make on bios but i am sure u have to do it from inside xp, I am thinking of reformating the hardrive but I don't no how to get into where u put in c:reformat thing in also my xp cd does not pick up when i changed it in boes to see if i could reinstall xp pro
  4. Charles Hammond

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    Press F8 During boot and try to go into VGA Mode if you can see anything at that point! This is kind of like going into safe mode with the lowest video settings.

    Do you see anything while you are booting?

    If all else fails you may have to open the hood and go inside and reset the bios so you can see what is going on using the onboard video.

    With older video cards you may need to update Direct X to version 9.05B, and download new drivers from the card manufacturer for XP. With Via Motherboards you need the VIA GART Drivers (4-in-1 drivers) for your motherobard.
  5. michael86

    michael86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have tryied doing all of the list in F8, it worked for at least 5 days without grathics before breaking, It goes up to the windows xp loading screen and then goes black but the computer does not pick up there is a problem, how do u reset the bios
  6. grog

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    If your getting to the XP loading screen than computer is booting.

    You probly have an error or bad command in boot program.

    Put XP disk in CD and boot from there.

    Allow it to load as if your installing a new OS but when you get to Install XP it will find the OS already install will ask if you want to repair, you can now reinstall XP or Repair.

    I'd do the repair untill you get the Card working.

    After you get computer to boot than go to safe mode device drivers and check that you don't have both graphic cards installed.

    Also check in Bios to make sure onboard card is disabled.
  7. michael86

    michael86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have tryied putting my windows xp pro cd and it does not pick it up however I don't no the sites rules but the xp cd I installed was not the 1st version of it and it said it was missing files in the installing, so I think I am going to Reformat my hardrive and use a different xp cd , do u think these is a good idea?
  8. StormBringer

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    I asume you are trying to say you have a pirated copy of XP? And not just pirated but corrupted as well? Piracy discussion is in violation of TOS here, so I don't think we can help you until you get a legit copy of an OS.

    BTW, didn't it seem odd to you that you got errors when you installed in the first place
  9. grog

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    Did you go to Bios and set to boot from CD first.

    It can be Floppy / CD / HDD0.

    Also check Bios settings before loading windows APIC enabled.

    PNP should be disabled.

    PNP is a hold over from 95 with APIC Bios it is not need and should be disabled.

    XP will set IRQ settings better without it.

    Here or some good bios settings to use while loading.
  10. michael86

    michael86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nope it was'nt a copy and yes it did however I only had one xp cd so i carried on with it.
    yes I went into bios i changed it to cd rom and I had floppy as well also I don't think I change anything in bios , but the computer does not pick up there is a problem and there is nothing I won't on my hardrive to much so do you think it would be easy just reformating the hardrive
  11. grog

    grog TS Rookie Posts: 23

    Check the CD make sure it's clean if there's finger prints it won't work.

    If it doesn't pickup your CD how are you going to format it?

    Are you saying that the XP disk is not finding whats wrong with the install OS?

    Have you tried to do a repair using the XP disk?

    When you boot does anyting show up on the monitor or is it blank?

    You said it was getting to loading windows I believe you mean the screen with the green bar going across the nothing.

    That means boot sector is bad and needs to be repaired.

    It your saying that the monitor isn't working than you need to go back to on board graphic remove the VGA card till you get it working again.

    Go into Bios and enable on board graphics and remove the VGA card.

    Than try and boot the computer to safe mode and remove the VGA graphic card drivers.

    After you get it working again you can try to install the VGA card again.

    First have all the drivers available remove the drivers for the onboard graphics then turn off computer disable onboard in Bios install the VGA card and boot the computer allow XP to find new drivers.

    After its up and running can updated drivers.

    There or drivers for the older Geforce cards in XP.
  12. michael86

    michael86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I used a windows ME disk and let me get into a dos thing and I would be able to wipe all the data on the hardrive I just thought after that then I could reinstall everything and the problems would go am i wrong?, yes the loading screen comes on and then goes to the black screen after , my geforce card is out
  13. grog

    grog TS Rookie Posts: 23

    Have you turned on the on board Graphics in Bios?

    The screen should not go black so it must not be picking up the onboard card yet.

    Now you are going to have to be able to install as your disk is formated.

    Turn off power supply, unplug power supply, turn on the computer with the start button.

    The fans should spin than stop.

    Do not clear Cmos with the computer turned on when moving jumpers do the PSU turn off thing above.

    Now clear your Cmos if have manual look up how to do this.

    Set your FSB to safe mode also in manual, if don't have one look up one on your motherboard web site.

    Now return Cmos jumper to save data manual again.

    plug in PSU turn on PSU and boot the computer go to BIOS do not let it boot yet.

    Check all Bios setting or set to Default if installing XP check that APIC is enabled. Check FSB should be lower than normal if jumper in safe mode check that onboard grapfics is enabled.

    Set ram to manual 1 to 1 so running at same FSB as processor.

    Disable Anti Virus while loading turn on later.

    Disable PNP APIC does a better job of assigning IRQ address.

    Now you can try and load Windows so reboot with OS disk in CD you can now reformat the drive with windows I like NTFS as more stable tha Fat32.
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