Windows 10 May 2020 update is now on 7% of PCs


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In a nutshell: While it's not without problems, Microsoft’s Windows 10 May 2020 update (2004) is landing on PCs at a faster rate than its predecessor. A new report shows the update is found on 7 percent of devices after about one month on the market. That’s more than what the last major update—May 2019 (1903)—achieved in the same time frame.

The data comes from AdDuplex’s monthly report on Windows 10 version usage, which uses close to 150,000 PCs in its survey. It shows that the most popular version of the OS remains the May 2019 (1903) update, which is found on 46.2 percent of PCs and declined by just 2 percent last month. This is followed by last November’s cumulative update (1909) that’s used by 35.7 percent of people, down by 0.7 percent.

While version 2004’s seven percent might not sound like a lot, version 1903 managed just 6.3 percent adoption in its first five weeks.

Windows 10’s October 2018 update (1809), which saw its rollout paused for a month so Microsoft could address a bug that was erasing data, fell from 8.3% to 5.9%. That’s partly because users on 1809 are now automatically upgraded to 2004 as the former nears its end of life.

AdDuplex also included a graph showing the speed at which Microsoft rolls out its Windows 10 updates. It illustrates the problems version 1809 experienced.

Despite the faster adoption rate, the May 2020 update has not been problem-free. You can see some of the main ones here, though Microsoft has been working to address them.

In related news, we recently heard that the Windows 10 KB4559309 (Edge update) has been slowing some PCs.

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This update crapped out my search function, my ability to open an app from the start menu, and whole a host of other issues. I had to reinstall windows and now I'm using 1909. It is the stablest version for me. I don't recommend this upgrade to anyone. It is the worst upgrade I've ever had. They might resolve these issues for 2009, which is just 4 months away!


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Many have said that windows sucks over each new version of windows. Even windows 7 had its fair share. Yet I do not know why ppl say that. I'm on windows 10 since 2015 I think and I've never EVER actually had a problem with it. Yep I did have some hardware issues that caused BSOD's that I've fixed, and I couldn't find some ancient printer driver but that's about all. I've installed it twice in all these years and that was because I've changed the CPU and mobo and wanted a clean install.
Games work like a charm no matter the settings, updates take around 10-15 minutes max (windows xp and vista and 7 took alot more), and you can install it on a fresh pc in minutes without needing to purchase it, just to have a functioning computer. And did I mention you don't even have to look for drivers except if you want the latest graphics driver?
Yea if you are using some ancient pc from before WW2 I can understand the statement, but that's simply because your pc is not able to run W10 properly and that's the culprit.


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So many issues with 2004 update, so many broken things.
I mean we all know Windows Update always breaks a lot of things, but damn this update and Edge crap ... I really hope the EU fine, that will hopefully follow, will be a big one that will hurt M$.


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I thought the point of MS's forced updates in W10 was to get everyone on the same version.

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I'm holding off as long as I can until they get those bugs killed. Britec09 on Youtube did a great job of showing you how to extend your wait time to up to a year for those that are also wanting to wait beyond the maximum 30 days .....


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I'm still on 1909 on my laptop, the home PC is on the insider slow ring build, stable as can be.
I had the insider stuff turned off, but turned it back on to avoid some of the horror stories of the 2020 update. I have my home pc mirrored, but wanted the newer build to play with.


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I thought the point of MS's forced updates in W10 was to get everyone on the same version.
The more the push it the more people will resist. Luckily, I've had no issues past couple of months with Windows updates but they do exist and are common.

The idea that they're gonna build upon Windows 10 forever "as a service" is eventually gonna make spaghetti out of it, if it's not like that already.


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After using Win10 for over a year now we have new upgraded our machines to Win7 so we can get some work done. Have to do what works!