Windows 10 Pc Ethernet cord not reading

OK so here is what happend I am new to this fourm and dont know if this is the right place to post this.

Im running a windows 10 laptop asus. and yestrday I was playing the witcher 3 while doing this game crashed and my pc said that the start menu had crashed with cortana and had to reset. it did so then it had alot of trouble turning back on it go on and I seen another post from pc stating that system settings have changed and have to reset to input affects it did so and had trouble then agian turning back on it finaly did and was up for a second stating the sae "system settings have changed" and it red screend I held power button down and reset it after a about 5 minutes of turnning on back off on back off I used a restore point to 5 days previous. and mind you this entire time pc was not noticing my ethernet cord pluged in so now after the restore point it still does not notice ethernet cord. I even went and got all of my other well spare ethernet cords to test to see if it is working and it wont notice any of the ethernet cords pluged in yet my other laptops notice all of the other cords I even grabed the short new cord I got from comcast and nothing. so im currently running my pc on wifi 4 ****ing feet from router since pc will refuse to notice the ethernet cord. and I really dont feel like reformating completly cause I am running a 2 tb hd and getting all those files back or even moving to my 4tg external is a pain in the *** I havent found anything online becide the windows 10+cortana endless reset. anyone have any ideas? of why this happend I dont feel it was witcher 3 for it was the "cortana+start menu crashing is the cause" but how could it make it so it dont read ethernet cord? I even disbaled the network adapter re enabled uninstalled it unpluged cord pluged it back in and I even ran Windows +r-powershell and used the method to find problem it did and said it fixed it please this is annoying as hell to deal with and I will say the antimal problem in taskmaster everytime I turn pc on is running at 100% cpu same with file is wsscp or something like that and I just force shut those down.

Laptop asus model:X555DG, Processor amd fx-8800p radeon r7,12 compute cores 4C+8G 2.10Ghz 8.00 gig ram, 64 bit pc.
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Warranty? Bought with credit card with extended warranty?

Sounds to me like a hardware failure - possibly the Network Interface. Perhaps this is replaceable - check manual & manufacturer.

Just to be safe, check SMART on your HDD, Event Viewer for errors, and Device Manager for hardware errors - try to locate confirmation that it is a component - and replace that.

By the way, itisextremelydifficulttoreadyourmessages - Punctuation, capitalization and paragraphs would help if you can do that - if not try breaking it up with spacing.
Haha yeah I do have problem with grammer and ive checked all of those no error message etc. and didnt use credit card used my tax refund to get said laptop from frys and dont even know were al of my papers on laptop is at