Windows 11 keeps adding users, but Windows 10 is still king


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I prefer Windows 11 UI, they still need to work on inconsistencies but to be honest there's not much difference except visually. After Windows 7 I was never a fan of the direction the OS has gone but after so many years I gave up caring. It does the job and you get some minor features over Windows 10 like Explorer tabs, better Start Menu, no Windows Phone rectangles etc...


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lol what planet do u live on? Do people ride unicorns to work there?

I have Windows 11 and Windows 10, both are great. I prefer 11 cause it's cleaner and more intuitive. :)
I use both on 2 machines. To say Windows 11 is cleaner (not sure what that even means) and more intuitive? I can't agree with the word chosen for the latter part of the description. Please give some examples. As I think back on my experiences on Windows 11 and possibly even circumstances on Windows 10, Microsoft does like to bury things way deep down into the UI. Maybe they're doing that by design so that n00bs don't stumble on anything by mistake. But it makes it more painful for people who can make advanced changes and know what they are doing.
For example, it used to be real easy to get right to the network adapters and now you have to click more times and go to Advanced properties or More properties or some extra crap like that. So, to say it is more intuitive I don't even under that statement. Please give examples.
All of these discussions overlook the fact that unless you spend on a new MB & CPU, Win 11 is not even an option. Although I do not see any compelling advantage of Win 11, come the day Win 10 starts to fail me I will be switching to Linux. I refuse to buy H/W just for the sake of some S/w.

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Windows 11 is the dumbed down version of Windows 10, that hides all the really useful stuff and they are now trying to patch back into 11 to entice people. It literally offers nothing other than directstorage. And the BS about requiring TPM 2.0 is the icing on the cake.


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I always get the latest version on day one to get the most out of my hardware.
Only Vista pre SP1 forced me back [to XP].
What does windows 11 get out of your hardware that windows 10 doesn't? Honestly asking since I thought performance was basically the same.


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I have windows 11 and there are a few things I like about it, but I truly wish I could have windows 7 UI coupled with the other windows 11 features. Everything was so much simpler to find, atleast for me, on pre-windows 10.
Because the Start menu and everything about Windows 7 was designed, by people who are no longer with Micro$oft, to be used on a PC with a mouse not on the touchscreen of a tablet, with the index, or even middle, finger. I'm forced to use Windows 10 at work and it's a nightmare and a source of frustration. Perhaps to people who only consume content and only play video games on their computers it might seem like a phenomenal upgrade, but for crying out loud, it takes 3 left-clicks in Windows 10 just to move and replace an open file with one that has the same name (a simple 1-click "Move, but keep both files" operation in Windows 7).
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Hell no! I would be still on win 7 if I wasnt forced to change to 10 by m$ corrupted monopoly methods. 11 MAYBE if they remove tpm and add exclusively offline acount
I work in a computer upgrade/repair store and lots of people with older computers ask me to help them upgrade to Windows 11. I have to show them the system requirements and tell them they can't.

It's the system requirements that stops people upgrading - 8th gen Intel or 2nd gen Ryzen + TPM. Most people don't meet these requirements so they're stuck with Windows 10.

Windows 10 isn't this "popular" OS that everyone wants. So many people want to upgrade but can't.

It was obvious this was going to happen from the start. I don't understand why people are confused that so many still use Windows 10.


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Win 7 before the spyware updates is the best. Have ISO from that time and use it on all my systems and anyone who is tired of the spyware on 8/10/11 , lack of basic features and slow performance.


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Can you guys see the Jan-23 stat of Win 10?! That's me downgrading the PCs with Win 11 I'm taking care of. I though that why wouldn't I upgrade the PCs at home and the new ones I build as a hobby projects to Win 11 if it's free to do so?!
Then when I played around with the hardware, switching stuff back and forth, Win 11 told me it's not activated anymore. 🤬 And when I requsested help from support, the automated s#!t chatbot didn't help out like real people before, but only told me to buy new license key. So I had to wipe everything and reinstall Win 10. Win 10 was bound to the mobo. It was no matter if I moved it to a new case with new CPU and RAM, Win 10 just activated itself the first time I hoppen onto the internet. This is my biggest annoyance.
The second, almost same magnitude one is, that Win 11 forces me to have a Microsoft account. Of course, I could just create a temporary one, then create a local, make the local admin, and delete the online one, but it's way too many steps for me, and also Win 11 is limited without the online account.
So probably I will be stuck at Win 10 for now. Didn't see anything in Win 11 that blew my mind anyway


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Hell no! I would be still on win 7 if I wasnt forced to change to 10 by m$ corrupted monopoly methods. 11 MAYBE if they remove tpm and add exclusively offline acount
Bruh, they literally offer you a page explaining how can you use Windows 11 without being Windows 11 compliant, I.e., having TPM 2.0 capabilities. if you wanna use Windows 11 without the "recommending hardware requirements" you are free to do so and Microsoft explains how. And you can still use an offline account so......

Here's just one link on how to install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0. But Google will give you many hits inlcuding Microsoft's page:
Install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0
I guess you'll be installing Windows 11 soon, let us all know how it goes for you.