windows 2000 pro start up problem

By Bobb
Jul 31, 2005
  1. I have 2000 pro installed on a Dell C640 pentium 4 laptop.
    It immediately freezes on the windows start up bar and the error message says that the "WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM file is missing or corrupt. I tried to reinstall windows pro from a disk (not the original) and the same error message appears. I do not have any of the original disks. Can anyone help?
    If I install a new hard drive, will that enable me to get the computer operational? I know that I will lose existing data but that is ok. They are available at reasonable cost on ebay. Thank you
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    If you change your BIOS to first boot from CD, you should be able to format the HD when you insert the W2K CD, which must be bootable for it to work.
  3. Bobb

    Bobb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you. Being a bit tech challenged, how do you change the BIOS?
  4. Kev32

    Kev32 TS Rookie Posts: 75

    Depends on your BIOS version but generally - Hold down delete after you reboot your PC, then when BIOS loads up select..I think Advanced BIOS features or one of the menus and then you should find something like First Boot Device etc. Select first boot device as CDROM then the PC will boot up from cd and you just need to follow the instructions.
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