Windows 2000/Safe mode!!! Please help!!!

By mgan9311
Mar 10, 2006
  1. Hello all,

    I am new here. Several weeks ago, I turned on my computer and it made a loud noise. I then shut if off, let is sit for a minute, and turned it back on. When I did, the noise was gone, and it gave me a list of about 5 or 6 different ways to start-up, and a countdown. I had to make a choice. I noticed that selection No. 3 was automatically highlighted. Selection No. 3 is in Safe Mode. This is the only way I can get my computer to operate. I tried to manually enter Selection No. 1 (Normal Mode) and it went to a black screen with just C:/ and a cursor. It did nothing in the Normal Mode. What happened? What can I do to fix it? I need some serious help!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!

    All help much appreciated!!! Thank you!

  2. Peddant

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  3. mgan9311

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    Thanks for the info! No, I don't have the CD, but my uncle might. In the event that we don't have the CD for sure, is there something else I could do?
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