Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 Available!!!!

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[SIZE=4]Win2k SP3 live tomorrow, but downloadable today [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]By John Lettice[/SIZE]

Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 is out, available now to the company's major customers, and to everybody else from Thursday. It currently being Wednesday, and Microsoft's record on dispensing service packs in an orderly and controlled manner being what it is, you will be entirely unsurprised that you can currently download it anyway, here.

There does seem some trace of a front page for the service pack at, and this presumably will be operational tomorrow, but right now it's not. The link above is currently leaking across the web, so you can expect it to slow down pretty soon. Neowin, bless 'em, have unearthed a link to the German version, so our BundesBuddies may have a route round download hell. Or you could always wait until the crush dies down and it's official, of course... ®

download service pack 3 here:


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News on front page :
Windows 2000 SP3 FINAL is out
by Julio @ 2:29 AM
Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) provides the latest updates to the Windows 2000 family of operating systems. These updates are a collection of fixes in the following areas: application compatibility, operating system reliability, security, and setup. Windows 2000 SP3 includes the updates contained in Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows 2000 SP2 (SP2). Windows 2000 SP3 is not considered a required upgrade. To determine whether to install Windows 2000 SP3, Microsoft recommends that customers review the Windows 2000 SP3 documentation.
Thanks for the link Phant..


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Have you installed this yet Phantasm?
I don't like the "To determine whether to install Windows 2000 SP3, Microsoft recommends that customers review the Windows 2000 SP3 documentation." statement. Sounds very ominous. Like something bad could result in the installation... I think I will hold off on this for a little while even though I have the installation file sitting on my desktop :suspiciou


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I've already tried it as soon as I made a drive image. So far everything is exactly the same....


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I've got a french Win2000 and i wanna tell all ppl who don't have english windows they don't even have to download the SP3 using the link above cause there's a language check and it fails if you don't have english. So don't download just for fun :)


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Okay here is list of the bugs fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 3:

195144 Copying Files with Mix of LFN and SFN May Lead to Data Loss

226124 PPP or PPTP Multicast May Require a Manual Route Statement

229894 CSNW Experiences Delays Opening Files on the Network

235529 MSCS Virtual Server Limitations in a Windows 2000 Domain Environment

252795 Windows 2000 Does Not Support Mapping Virtual COM Ports to Infrared Ports

256213 Error Message 738: The Server Did Not Assign an Address

257848 "Access Denied" Error Message When Updating Roaming User Profile

260233 Support for ATA 100 (Mode 5 ) in Windows 2000

260649 Error Message When You Use WebDav to Copy a Large File

261322 Stop 0x0000001E Error Message When You Print from a Windows 2000 Terminal Services Client

261643 USB Devices Missing in Device Manager After Computer Resumes from Hibernation

263627 Computer May Stop Responding with Object Auditing Enabled

263743 RasDisable and RasForce WinLogon Policies Can Be Bypassed

263821 Account Lockout Because BadPasswordCount Not Reset to 0

263939 Disk Performance May Degrade Over Time

264959 Redirector Does Not Inform Cache Manager of Memory Extends

265017 Gethostbyaddr() May Return Node Name Instead of Virtual Name

265296 Toshiba PC Card Controller May Power 3.3-Volt R2 PC Card at 5 Volts

266282 Event 578 May Be Logged During Logoff or Shutdown

266673 Membership From the Local Group Cannot Be Deleted for Users that Have an SID History Field

267304 IEEE 1394 Mass Storage Device Not Present After Resuming From Standby

267578 Access Violation in Lsass.exe in Windows NT version 4.0 in a Windows 2000 Domain

268755 Access Violation When Repeatedly Opening and Closing Conferences with NetMeeting SDK

269590 Long Delay in Opening Computer Folder if Computer Is a NetWare Server

269651 "Digital Signature Not Found" Error Message When You Install a Driver or Update

270149 Update.exe Cannot Start If the Spooler Service Is Disabled

270628 Not Prompted for Novell Logon ID When Connecting to Novell Network with CSNW

271175 Event Viewer Settings Saved for Only the Last Entry in the List

271625 Printer Properties Not Set Correctly When Printing from Windows NT 4.0-Based Client to Windows 2000-Based Server

271751 File-Change Notification Not Generated on FRS Replica Target Share

272020 Unnecessary DNS Query for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.

272089 Zone Transfer Information Lost With Windows 2000 Active-Directory Integrated DNS

272127 "STATUS_UNEXPECTED_NETWORK_ERROR" Error Redirector to Terminal Services Client Sessions

272129 Cluster Service Does Not Start on "Joining" Node in Windows 2000 Cluster

272560 Race Condition May Lead to Loss of Group Policy Changes

272582 Windows 2000 Terminal Services Incorrectly Closes Files on Remote Shares

274149 Cookies Are Not Marked as Secure in IIS

274265 FIX: AV Marshalling the Same ADO Recordset on Multiple Threads

274295 Some Fujitsu DL Series Printers May Not Print Graphics Correctly

274311 Logical Disk Names Are Displayed in System Monitor Instead of Drive Letters

275042 Modem Powers Off When It Is Not in Use

275457 IIS 5.0 May Loop Infinitely When A User Is Forced to Change Their Password

276278 OemPNPDriversPath Value Limited to 99 Characters in Winnt.exe

276324 Problem with DNS Client Cache CNAME TTL

276354 Access Violation in the Metabase Causes Deadlock in WAM

276471 Patch for "HyperTerminal Buffer Overflow" Vulnerability In Windows 2000

276522 Server Stops TCP Session That Is Waiting on a Zero-Size Window

276542 "OemPreInstall=Yes" Gives Incorrect NTFS Permissions on "Documents and Settings" Folders

277033 FIX: SQL_BIGINT in 2.x ODBC Driver Is Mapped to SQL_C_SBIGINT 3.0 Datatype

277743 APID Is Reported in Process Tracking Audit Events

277824 Error Message "Volume Is Open or in Use" Create Volumes by Using the Create Partition Wizard

277921 Incorrect Printing of Swedish Characters to Generic/Text Only Printers When Use CodePage 850

278046 Setting Callback Method Does Not Work Repeatedly Using DCOM

278299 Locked-Out Account That Is Reset at a Different DC May Be Locked Out with One Bad Password

278323 Memory Leak in Keyboard and Mouse Class Drivers When You Unplug and Plug In USB Keyboard or Mouse

278337 Proxy Client Does Not Correctly Handle a Second Call to WSALookupServiceBegin() After a Call Generates WSAEFAULT

278414 FP2000: Execute Access Is Removed When You Open Web or Publish to Web

278489 Computer Hangs If USB Composite Device Is Removed While Being Reset

278885 Error Message When you Delete Files in a My Documents Folder That Is Redirected to a Netware Server

278999 Stop 0x0000001E in Win32k.sys When Using Animated Mouse Pointers

279006 Group Policy Does Not Disable All Windows Update Components

279168 Cannot Use Run As with Share Folder Snap-in

279197 Stopping Modem While Connected Generates an Error

279225 WMI Win32_QuickFixEngineering Queries Cause Winmgmt Process to Hang

279227 Wrong Error Message Received by Clients When Account Is Locked Out

279280 DNS Manager May Damage Certain SOA Values in RNAME Field

279345 "Server Not Operational" Error Message When Entire Directory Is Selected

279491 Multiple CardBus Devices Cannot Share IRQs

279509 Directory Access Event 1174 May Not Provide the Distinguished Name When Logged

279634 WHQL USB Floppy Test Tool May Not Finish

279635 The Client Trust List (CTL) on the Destination Node Does Not Work after Metabase Replication

279713 Explorer.exe Hangs on ALT+F4 If Shutdown Restrictions Are in Use

279757 ThinkPad Computer May Hang During the Startup Process with a ZIP Drive in the Docking Station

279822 WINS Manager Does Not Display All Reservations in a Mixed Environment

280122 The Dsstore Tool May Not Work If the NetBIOS Name and the DNS Domain Name Are Different

280304 Unable to Add Multiple Users to Distribution List from Outlook Client

280344 Large LPD Jobs Time Out After 60 Seconds

280430 Screen Saver Deactivates and Returns to Desktop During Battery Operation

280471 Use of Object(Presentation-Address) Returns "Invalid Attribute Syntax"

280524 Disabling the Gratuitous ARP Functionality in Windows 2000

280582 The GetAncestor() Function Can Cause "Stop 0x1e" in Win32k.sys

280724 "Stop 0x0000007B" Error Message Is Generated While Converting Basic Disk to Dynamic

280766 GetUserNameEX Generates a 1212 Error Code When It Is Called from an Impersonation Thread

280838 Patch Available for "Indexing Service File Enumeration" Vulnerability

281132 "Stop 0x50 in Win32k.sys" Error Message

281267 Registry Handle Leak in Winlogon Causes Roaming Profiles to Not Unload Properly

281286 IEEE 1394 DV Cameras May Not be Recognized When Connected With IEEE 1394 Storage Device

281308 Connecting to SMB Share on a Windows 2000-Based Server May Not Work with an Alias Name

281319 Error 0x80030111 Calling IStorage::Commit

281396 FIX: Memory Leak When You Use COM+ Queued Components

281403 CGI Application Cannot Load DLL in a Directory with Extended ASCII Characters

281428 "Stop 0xB8 ATTEMPTED_SWITCH_FROM_DPC" Error Message When Use a Parallel Port Zip Drive

281484 FIX: Datacenter Server Is Unable to Come Online When One Cluster Node Is Offline

281485 Name Collision in Active Directory Causes Replication Errors

281505 PC Card Device May Not Work in Windows 2000

281546 "Stop 0x00000050" Error Message During Copy from OS/2 Clients

281553 Win32_BIOS WMI Class Returns Incorrect ReleaseDate Value

281647 Setup Problems During Floppy Disk Installation If OEM HAL Option Is Used

281672 Possible Data Loss After You Enable the "Write Cache Enabled" Feature

281704 Error Message Appears When You Send E-mail over the Internet from POP or IMAP Program

281708 Cannot Search Contents of Text Attachments in E-mail Messages in Windows 2000

281847 NMI Is Not Recognized on ACPI Multiprocessor System

281951 Terminal Services Cross-Server Shadowing Ignores Permissions in Windows 2000

282039 Cacls.exe Does Not Print Percent Sign When Redirected to a File


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282062 IIS Does Not Authenticate for the /_AuthChangeUrl URL

282062 IIS Does Not Authenticate for the /_AuthChangeUrl URL

282126 Redirecting LPT1 and then printing to PRN: from a TS Client session does not work.

282177 FIX: ADO 2.5 Leaks Resources When Using Stream and Record Objects

282185 Indexing Service Loses File System Change Notification Request

282189 Error 0x800706D5 from ASP When Calling OOP Component with Delegation Security Level

282312 CreateProxyArpEntry() Function Returns "ERROR_BAD_UNIT" When RRAS Service Is Running

282415 WMI May Not Retrieve Instances of Win32_SystemEnclosure

282430 Memory Leak Causes SMTP Pickup Folder Performance to Deteriorate

282458 502 Access Denied Errors Occur When There Are a Large Number of Permissions for an NNTP Folder

282784 Qfecheck.exe Verifies the Installation of Windows 2000 Hotfixes

282806 Telnet Service Prevents an Idle Telnet Session from Timing Out

282825 STOP 0x000000D1 Error Message Appears on Clustered Server After You Move Resources Node to Node

282835 Encrypted E-mail Messages Go Successfully to Untrusted Recipient but No Warning or Event Appears

282865 Winsock Shutdown Can Increase CPU Usage to 100 Percent

282867 Image Degradation on Conference Server Client Computers

283014 Windows 2000 Lprmon Does Not Restart Job If It Receives a "Nack" After Sending a Data File

283031 CA Serial Numbers Must Be Assigned By the Manufacturer in Increasing Order

283063 Serial Device May Be Detected as a Serial Mouse in Windows 2000

283106 FIX: Aggregating ADO Recordsets or Commands May Cause Memory Leak

283163 Indexing Service Searches That Use Date Strings Return Unexpected Results

283787 Multifunction USB Device Cannot Transfer 4 KB or Larger Files

283795 Printer Server Problem When You Try to Print with a Guest or Local User Account

283830 Windows Shortcut Keys Stop Working with Service Pack 1

284003 Domain Controller Reboots When Large Number of Duplicate Connection Objects Exist

284145 DHCP Server Attempts to Assign Reserved Addresses

284247 Invalid File Handle Error Messages When You Use Remote Files and a Sharing Violation Occurs

284255 SNMP Event to Trap Translator Does Not Read all Event Log Messages

284464 Account Operators Cannot Modify FPNW-Enabled Users

284746 STOR Command Is Sent Instead of APPE Command Type the Command in Uppercase Letters

284837 1394 Audio/Video Control Device Stops Working Unexpectedly

284948 BUG: Text That Contains a Single LF or CR in RichTextBox Becomes CR/LF on Windows 2000

285041 You Cannot Create a TCP/IP Printer with a Host Name That Begins with Numbers

285074 Windows 2000 Selects Down-level Domain PDC to Enumerate User and Group Accounts

285091 An Impersonating Thread May Revert to the Process Security Context After an Index Server Query

285138 Per-Session Folders Are Not Available to GPO Logon the Logon Scripts Are Running Synchronously

285156 Windows 2000 Event Viewer Contains an Unchecked Buffer

285192 Msinfo32.exe Causes Userenv Event ID 1000 in Windows 2000

285215 Help May Be in English When You Use Computer Management on Computer with MUI Installed

285285 WMI Standard Provider May Unload Early Causing Access Violation

285352 DhcpClassId Value Not Used During Unattended Setup

285547 You Cannot Set the User Home Folder Path When an Error Message After You Create the Folder

285641 W32Time Client Does Not Fail Over to Secondary NTP Servers by FQDN

285663 TCP/IP Connectivity May Break If the Client Receives a Reset from the Server

285803 NetBIOS Sessions May Be Dropped in Windows 2000

285851 Patch Available for Network DDE Agent Request Vulnerability

285858 Error Message: The Replication System Encountered an Internal Error

285873 USB Keyboard and Mouse May Cause Long Delay During the Startup Process

285897 The "My Documents" Folder Is Not Refreshed Correctly When It Is Redirected to a NetWare Server

285948 OemPnpDriversPath Appears Multiple Times in DevicePath

285985 Patch Available for New Variant of File Fragment Reading via .HTR Vulnerability

286021 LPC Message Is Deleted When the Port Is Closed

286179 Server May Leak Samr Handles If an Error Path Is Hit in a Client Function Call

286201 Directory Name Returned from Server.MapPath Truncated if Name Contains Extended Characters

286260 Stop 0x00000050 Error Message When Stopping and Restarting Drivers

286358 Periods at the Beginning of a Line Are Removed When Placed into the SMTP Pickup Directory

286362 "Stop 0x0000000A" Stop Code on Stressed Servers

286433 ASP Performance Monitor Counters Fail from Terminal Session

286779 MMC May Hang When You Use the DNS Snap-In to View More than 16,000 Zones

286803 WMI: WDM Provider Rejects Dynamic Arrays Of Zero Length

286803 WMI: WDM Provider Rejects Dynamic Arrays Of Zero Length

286834 The DNS Client Service Does Not Revert to Using the First Server in the List

287047 "%%Title" Field May Not Be Correct in PostScript Print Jobs

287109 Incorrect Error May Be Returned If a Sharing Violation Occurs

287187 Access Violation in Object Picker

287397 Patch Available for Malformed Domain Controller Service Request Vulnerability

287546 "Missing Files" Error Message During Setup When Deploying Windows XP Images

287594 W3SVC Log File Reflects Wrong Size When SF_NOTIFY_SEND_RAW_DATA Flag Is Used

287616 FTP Error 550 Occurs When You Use Put and Append Commands

287639 Client Cannot Log On Even If the Account Is Unlocked on the Primary Domain Controller

287687 Terminal Services Licensing Enhancements

287912 Predictable Named Pipes Could Enable Privilege Elevation with Telnet

287913 URL Protocol Contains "%3A" When You Are Redirected to Change Password Page

288113 Plug and Play Event Processing May Functioning After the Surprise Removal of Certain PCI Devices

288160 Error Message: Error Compressing Data

288165 16-bit Programs that Call to GlobalAlloc for Large Memory Allocations Cause Programs to Hang

288180 The ExitWindowsEx() Function Not Log Off the User or Shut the Computer If is Locked

288234 Password Expiration Message Is Not Displayed GPO Logon Script Running in Synchronous Mode

288270 ASP Returns Continuous "Include File Not Found" Errors

288299 FIX: DCOM May Not Release Properly on Multi-Threaded Servers

288547 SMS: WMI Returns Win32_Share Instances Indefinitely

288794 Calling FlushFileBuffers() on Bidirectional File Transfer May Cause a Deadlock

288855 FTP Service Allows Login to Domain Guest Account

288888 FIX: Access Violation in Ole32.dll at ole32!CCtxCall__~CCtxCall

288994 Corruption or AV in ContinueRawRead Function When Filter Uses SF_STATUS_REQ_READ_NEXT

289116 FIX: Remote Clients Can Start COM Server Even When DCOM Is Disabled

289118 FIX: Audit Failures in Security Event Log When You Call Component Services Objects

289131 HTTP Redirect URL Corruption When Requested URL Contains a Trailing Forward Slash

289195 Computer Hangs After Attempts to Use CD-ROM Drive on a Computer with Low Memory

289261 Backup Takes Much Longer When PAE Is Enabled

289261 Backup Takes Much Longer When PAE Is Enabled

289264 VPN Does Not Work When User Profile Is Set to Force Callback

289496 Error Messages Appear and Access Violations Occur After You Upload SSI ASPs in IIS 5.0

289509 Windows 2000 Redirector May Leak File Handles

289583 DHCP Server Does Not Update the A Record on the DNSIf Option 81 Is Received with the S Bit Set

289677 Terminal Services Home Folder Has Incorrect Permissions for Windows NT 4.0 Target Server

289709 DNS Server System Monitor Counters Are Disabled After DNS Service Restart

289743 ACL Editor Applies Different Permissions from Security Configuration Editor

289777 Computer with More Than 10 USB Printers May Not Print Correctly

289782 INFO: Post Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 COM+ Rollup Hotfix 8 Is Available

289821 FIX: COM+ Application Proxy Does Not Register CLSID After You Install COM+ Rollup Hotfix 5

289901 Authoritative Restore Triggers Communication Error on Bridgehead Servers

290089 Computer Hangs After You Connect Multiple IEEE 1394 Devices

290149 Replmon Incorrectly Returns an Error Message When Binding to FSMO Role Owner

290221 Error Occurs When Using Invoke to Pass an IDispatch Array

290381 Desktops May Not Align Correctly with Multiple Monitors

290410 You May Not Be Able to Install Game Controllers on Some Windows 2000-Based Computers


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290533 User Permission to Add Workstation to Domain Includes Permission to Rename Computer Account

290648 Queued Component Causes Access Violation

290649 Security Policy May Become Corrupted

290703 Mapping a Drive from a Command Prompt May Open a New Windows Explorer Window

290757 Write Caching Settings for Hard Disk May Not Persist After You Restart Your Computer

290794 Ifmember Causes Error 122

290816 Underscore in a Network Resource Name for Windows 2000 Cluster Could Not Be Created

290924 New IAS Values in Ascend-Data-Svc Attributes

291041 Tsadmin.exe May Hang After Connecting to Multiple Servers

291043 The Redirector Hangs When You Log On

291075 The VarDateFromStr() Function May Cause an Access Violation

291105 A File Size Adjustment Request by an Old MS-DOS-Based Program May Not Be Honored

291228 Error Message: ERROR_NO_SYSTEM_RESOURCES (1450)

291244 INFO: Post Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 COM+ Rollup Hotfix 9 Is Available

291246 FIX: Exceptions When You Pass XML Object into Late-Binding Queued Component Server

291270 Client Side Caching Restores Deleted Server Files While Online

291284 "Stop 0x00000050" Error Message When USB Device Is Connected

291326 Greek Keyboard Has Incorrect Mapping for MS-DOS-Based Programs

291340 Token Handle Leak in Lsass When Using Basic Authentication

291343 OL2000: Error Message: "Explorer.exe Has Generated Errors ..." When You Search for Files or Folders

291349 Parameter Incorrect Error Message When You Change NDS Password with CSNW/GSNW

291383 Dcdiag Connectivity Test Does Not Succeed and Displays "')" for the Host Name

291528 Citrix ICA Client Automatic Logon Domain Name Not Filled In

291557 FIX: Remote Transient COM+ Event Subscription Does Not Work

291580 OL2000: Hyperlinks Color Scheme Improved for Visually Impaired Individuals

291597 IsDBCSLeadByteEx() Takes a Long Time to Finish If It Is Passed Code Page CP_UTF8 (65001)

291840 Anonymous Client Permissions on Exchange 2000 Newsgroup Folders Do Not Work

291941 FIX: ICOMAdminCatalogCollection::populate Fails with "Access Denied" Error on Simultaneous Calls

292003 Service Pack 2 Adds Updates to Several Windows 2000 Support Tools

292039 FIX: Unable to Replicate COM+ Package Due to Path Not Found 0x80070003

292053 Can Change Expired Password Without Authorization When Using IAS or RRAS in Windows 2000

292315 Security Section of Group Policy Does Not Work if Domain Name Contains "inf"

292435 Kernel Mode Memory Leak Caused by Invalid TCP Checksums on Port 3389 (RDP)

292506 Client-Side Caching May Not Resolve Version Conflicts If the Share Is a Root Folder

292525 Visual J++ COM+ Applications That Access ADO Cause Deadlocks with Multiple Instances

292548 Terminal Services-Specific Programs Stop Responding

292573 ADSI SetPassword Call Does Not Always Set the Password on Target DC

292621 SetSystemPowerState() Does Not Work on Computers That Do Not Support Suspend

292730 FTP Directory Listing Returns Lowercase File Names If Files Are Located on a Remote Share

292804 FIX: Transactions May Not Be Aborted for Some Exceptions

292818 FIX: COMTIIntrinsics Property Is Not False by Default

293131"HTTP 400 - Bad Request" Error Message if Content Length Field in Request Header is 0

293158 Error "c0000244" When You Attempt to Reset a User Password

293301 Interaction of Wldap32.dll and Adsldpc.dll May Cause Lock Condition

293340 FIX: MS DTC May Reject Legal End Tag "\r\n" for PULL and PUSH Messages

293344 FIX: MS DTC Sends Inappropriate Responses to QUERY Message

293385 Pcmcia Driver Problems Occur If a Filter Driver Is Attached

293419 EnableTrace() Function Does Not Allow Changing Source's Control Flags After Source Is Enabled

293421 Domain Controllers Continue to Use Global Catalog Server After It Has Been Demoted

293480 FIX: Access Violation When You Use CDO from a Java Application

293499 Swedish Wordbreaker Causes Content Index Service to Repeatedly Index Documents

293515 Statically Configured Site Name Value Is Not Enforced

293626 Cannot Disable ICMP Redirects By Changing "EnableICMPRedirect" Registry Value

293631 FIX: DCOM Application Fails with RPC_E_DISCONNECTED

293644 Proccon Allows You to Use Illegal Characters

293646 FIX: Memory Leak When Security Is Enabled on COM+ Component

293768 Access Violation Appears When You Parse Posts in a Newsgroup on Windows 2000

293826 Pattern-Matching Function Can Cause Access Violation on FTP Server

293827 NLB and IPSEC Does Not Work with Hardware Offload Network Adapter

293829 Problem in Client Program May Cause a Server Thread to Wait Forever in the RPC Pipe Model

293845 Text String on Single Line Edit Control Is Not Selected Correctly When String Is Scrolled by Using a Mouse

293846 Cannot Create Key Pairs with Delete Cached Copies of Roaming Profiles Policy Enabled

293853 Heap Damage in Client Service for NetWare Causes Access Violation

294244 Extending Hardware RAID Array May Cause Dynamic Unreadable/Offline Error

294272 Windows Component Wizard May Not Work If the Administrator Account is in Many Groups

294293 Game Controller Device Status Appears as "Not Connected"

294370 Updated Patch for Microsoft Security Bulletin MS00-060

294379 Addressees Appear in Body of SMTP Message Instead of the Header If You Specify Many Addressees

294391 Malformed Request to Domain Controller Can Cause Memory Exhaustion

294394 Access Violation Appears in Msafd.dll File During a TransmitFile() Call

294408 ISA Plug and Play Adapter May Not Work with Windows 2000

294442 "Stop 0x000000D1" Error in Atmlane.sys

294510 INFO: Post Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 COM+ Rollup Hotfix 10 Is Available

294516 The RasSetEntryProperties() Function May Not Clear the IPHeaderCompression Flag

294546 FIX: Access Violation in CCollectionEnumBase::Release() When a COM+ Application Is Under Stress

294553 Client Can Enumerate User and Group Information When RPC Is Used over TCP/IP or UDP

294680 File Attributes Are Erased on a LAN Manager 2.1 Server

294690 "Stop 0x0000001E" Error Message in Ntoskrnl.exe

294769 Data Transfer to "Localhost" or Loopback Address Is Slow

294774 IIS Loads ISAPI Extension In-Process Even When Application Is Marked for High Isolation

294811 You Receive a Password Expiration Message After You Change Your Password

294820 Installing Windows 2000 from a USB CD-ROM Drive May Cause a "Stop 0x7B" Error

294831 Server.HTMLEncode and Server.URLEncode Corrupt High UTF8 Characters

294833 ASP Script Cannot Use Type Libraries with UTF8 Codepage

294834 Event ID 56 Cites W32Time as Source and Reports That the DC Returned an Incorrectly Signed Time Stamp

294953 RRAS Does Not Release IP Addresses for Incoming Connections

294961 Cannot Compile the Authserv.mib and Accserv.mib Files

295102 COM+ Message Labels Are Dropped When Moved from Public to Private Queues When Component Is Started

295165 Extraneous DNS Queries Generate Network Overhead

295300 Disk Signature Is Changed and the Disk Is Inaccessible to the Cluster

295385 TAPI Enters an Infinite Loop State and Does Not Signal an Event That Is Expected by a Program

295444 SCE Cannot Alter a Service's SACL Entry in the Service's Registry Key

295462 "Stop 0x50" in ObReferenceObjectByPointer with Terminal Services in Windows 2000

295534 Superfluous Decoding Operation Can Allow Command Execution Through IIS

295549 INFO: Post Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 COM+ Rollup Hotfix 11 Is Available

295577 Disk Management Snap-in Displays Red X for Volumes Spanning Multiple Physical Disks

295587 SNMP Storage Information Is Not Updated Dynamically

295688 The USN Journal Log File Is Not Processed Completely During a Mount Operation

295759 "STOP 0x0000007B" with Unattended Setup Using the ExtendOemPartition Keyword and Installing the Loopback Adapter


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295779 Error Message Appears When You Try to View Next Page of LDAP Search Results

295933 A DNS Server Sends a "Server Failure" Message When It Receives a Non-Authoritative Response

295951 Number Lock Status Is Not Synchronized During Terminal Services Session

296068 Policy Based Offline Files May Not Be Available Offline

296134 Can Set Up Newsgroup Without Administrator Permissions on Windows 2000 Using NNTP

296178 Query on OID of ifLastChange Always Returns 0

296185 Patch Available for New Variant of the "Malformed Hit-Highlighting" Vulnerability

296226 Right CTRL Key on USB Keyboard May Not Work Correctly

296236 NetDFSGetInfo Causes Handle Leak

296265 Windows 2000 Non-Paged Pool Is Exhausted by Afd.sys

296379 How to Disable NetBIOS on an Incoming Remote Access Interface

296397 FIX: MS DTC Fails to Handle the "COMMITTED\n PULL\n" TIP Pipelining Command

296458 IIS Disregards Host Headers When Using Keep-Alives

296541 Not Enough I/O Space When You Try to Install PCI-PCI Bridge on Windows 2000

296656 Ldifde.exe Returns an Error Message with "<" Character During Import

296672 SNMP Manager Does Not Receive Traps Correctly

296775 FIX: COM+ User Events Are Lost with Multiple Subscriber Clients

296815 Snmp.exe Leaks Memory When Querying Printer Objects in Lmmib2.mib If Spooler Is Stopped

296859 Error Message: The UPS Service Could Not Access the Specified Comm Port

296872 Cannot Start Toshiba Laptop After You Apply Fix from Q279491

296887 Access Violation in MMC with Empty NetBIOS Name

296899 Problems with Kodak Image Admin Control

296936 The Licensing Service (Llssrv.exe) Changes from Started to Starting and Does Not Respond to SCM

296995 Find Printer Search Does Not Work on a Windows NT 4.0 Client Using Directory Services Client

297025 Time Synchronization May Not Work Properly on Domain Controllers on the Same Site as the Child Domain PDC

297110 Program May Hang When It Calls the ioctlsocket() Function

297146 FIX: Event System Stops Responding When COM+ LCE Transient Subscriber Is Disconnected

297217 OLE Interfaces That Use the Formatetc Structure May Not Work with Terminal Services

297219 Cluster Server May Generate "STOP 0x9F" During Shutdown

297257 Incorrect Voltage Is Applied to Dual-Voltage CardBus Controllers

297317 How to Disable Internet Authentication Service Automatically Generated Class Attribute Value

297388 Csvde Export File Is Truncated If There Is an Object Whose CN Contains a Line Feed Character

297408 System Monitor Physical Disk Counter Does Not Show New Dynamic Volumes

297536 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 2 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 12

297760 Error Message: The Recycle Bin on C:\ Is Corrupt of Invalid. Do You Want to Empty the Recycle Bin for this...

297764 Printer Property Options Are Not Retained If the Printer Name Is Longer Than 32 Characters

297936 DNS and BIND Zone Transfers May Not Work

297967 The NetPlacesWizardDoModal() Function Does Not Work If the Calling Thread Has Already Initialized the COM Library

297977 Active Directory Users and Computers MMC Snap-in Incorrectly Shows That User Account Is Locked

298009 Cipher.exe Security Tool for the Encrypting File System

298012 Malformed RPC Request Can Cause Service Problems

298061 Access Violation in Svchost.exe in Windows 2000

298127 FIX: New STA Object Cannot Join Caller's STA If the Caller Is Not Configured

298153 SPX Header Are Not Available for a Terminate Packet

298188 Kernel Debugger Connection May Be Lost While the Computer Starts

298340 Patch Available for WebDAV Denial of Service

298505 Two CD-ROM Icons Are Displayed After Swapping LS-240 to CD-ROM Drive

298844 DHCP Server Handles the Global User Class Lease Option Incorrectly

298896 TCP/IP Performance Enhancement by Optimizing the TCP Segmentation Offload Feature

299273 UPN Logon Option Does Not Work After You Apply Fix from MS01-026 Security Bulletin

299379 Cannot View System Monitor Counters for Cluster Print Queues

299386 Logoff Process May Not Be Completed Because Time-Out Is Too Slow

299407 INFO: Post Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 COM+ Rollup Hotfix 13 Is Available

299471 Error 53 When Contacting a WINS Proxy Computer

299515 Crashdump Does Not Work on a Computer with More Than 4 Gigabytes of Memory

299533 GDI Calls May Nay Work With Very Large Coordinates

299553 Logon Command That Contains a Particular Malformation Causes an Violation in the Telnet Service

299687 Function Exposed By Using LDAP over SSL Could Enable Passwords to Be Changed

299689 Stop 0x50 Error Message on a Blue Screen on a Computer That Is Running Services for Macintosh

299770 BUG: ToolTips for 16-bit OWL Applications May Result in an Access Violation in WOW32.dll

299783 File and Print Services for NetWare Reports Insufficient IRPStackSize

299796 Denial-of-Service Attack on Port 1720 May Cause a Memory Leak in Conf.exe

299839 Manually Configuring Resources for PC Card Devices May Not Maintain Device-Private Settings

299842 Computer Can Hang Indefinitely with Heavy I/O Loads

299913 User Data Sent from NetMeeting 2.x Causes Problems in NetMeeting 3

299956 High CPU Utilization When You Print to a Hewlett-Packard Multifunction Printer

299968 Terminal Server Profile Path and Home Directory Are Ignored When Log On to a Kerberos Realm

300165 Programs That Use the IsUpToDate() Function May Receive an Error Message

300367 DCOM Authentication May Induce Delays and Potentially Put Memory on the Wire

300408 LDAP Errors Are Returned Under Combination of Load and Duration

300424 Access Violation Error Message in Inetinfo.exe When an SMTP E-mail Message Is Received

300477 FPSE: Potential Buffer Overrun Vul in Visual Studio RAD (Remote Application Deployment)

300562 SSL Reports Incorrect Maximum Buffer Size to Programs

300621 Lsass.exe Stops Working Intermittently on a Domain Controller or Global Catalog

300630 "Out of Sync" Status When You Run Netdom.exe /Verify Command

300642Schema Modification Results in Schema Mismatch Event 1203 Message

300917 Memory Leak Calling the DsGetDcName() or DsGetSiteName() Function

300930 License Logging Service Decrements Licenses for Machine Accounts

300972 Unchecked Buffer in Index Server ISAPI Extension Can Enable Web Server Compromise

300980 RSVP Service Provider Causes some Winsock Applications to Stop Responding

300989 Connectivity Problems Using a FQDN of Exactly 16 Characters

301077 Win 2000 Winbond I/O Floppy Controller Not Report Data Underrun or Overrun Cond Correctly

301079 Buffer Overrun DO not copy this list without sourcing.

301117 Slow Performance Transferring Large Data Blocks with RPC

301183 The NTVDM CommsAutoClose Setting Does Not Work in Windows 2000

301353 "Stop 0x2c" Error Message in Scsiport.sys When Returning from Hibernation

301376 "Stop 1E" Error in UserSetLastError When a Terminal Services Client Logs Off

301381 The User's Password Is Not Reset When the User Logs Off

301396 MMC Generates an Access Violation Error Message When Snap-in Processes a Clipboard Operation

301416 Internet Explorer Quits Immediately After Installing Windows 2000 SP2 on with MUI

301427 EMS Setting in PIF May Cause Incorrect Config.nt File to Be Used

301453 Multicast Packets with a TTL Setting of 0 Are Transmitted by the Windows 2000 TCP/IP Stack

301556 Access Violation in Update.exe When Installing Windows 2000 Service Pack 2

301625 Patch Available for SSI Privilege Elevation Vulnerability


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301644 DNS Server "Forced Scavenge" Does Not Immediately Start Zone Scavenging

301673 SMB Server Does Not Allow More Than One Client Connection Over a NAT Device

301674 IAS Accounting Log Shows String for ClassAttrib in Hexadecimal Digits Instead of ANSI Characters

301945 Snmptrap.exe Ignores Trap Messages That Are Larger Than 8192 Bytes

301952 Slow Performance When You Access Files on Servers

301964 Cluster Service Receives Error 1024 with SNMP Installed with SQL Server 7.0

302098 "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" Message After Changing a SCSI Adapter Resource

302099 Windows 2000 Clients Use Multiple Connections When Mapping Drives to a Single Server

302108 Vendor Class Options on Reservations Do Not Work

302319 Problems When You Resize an OpenGL-Based Program on a Computer That Has Multiple Monitors

302385 Error Message "winError = 122" Using AT Scheduled Tasks with Japanese Default Locale

302450 Deadlock in USB Stack While Resuming from Suspend

302662 Password Rest Success or Failure Is Not Audited

302748 The Security Tab Is Missing in the Properties of a DFS Share Point

302755 Authentication Error in SMTP Service Could Allow Mail Relaying

302827 "Stop 0x00000050" Error Message When You Are Using a CD-ROM

302845 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 2 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 14

302879 Multiple 677 Event IDs May Fill Up Event Logs

302895 Program That Runs Multiple I/O Operations to Multiple Fiber Channel Disks May Hang

302909 TAPI Error 0x80000022 Occurs When the System Locale is English (Canada) or French (Canada)

302934 Disabling the "Make Available Offline" Functionality for DFS Shares

302982 Uplevel NTFRS Replication Members Ignore Inter-Site Replication Schedule

303000 IIS5: FTP Logon Fails for Passwords with Beginning Space or Spaces

303145 User Names That Begin with "!" May Not Work with a Domain Controller

303191 "Stop 0x0000001E" from I8042prt.sys When Passing a Null Interrupt Pointer During Setup

303202 ASPs Are Not Being Checked for Valid Values in Windows 2000 Server

303290 Drive Mapping May Overwrite the Local Drive Mapping after You Apply Windows 2000 SP2

303295 Access Violation Occurs When DHCP Options Contain PAD Bytes

303339 Error Message When You Save Files to an Offline Folder

303364 Some Wireless Attribute Values Are Not Available in Windows 2000

303392 3.3-Volt PC Card May Not Work with Toshiba PC Card Controller After Resuming from Hibernation

303413 Repeated Password Change Attempts on Locked May Cause Active Directory Not to Work

303432 Direct Dial Modem Users Cannot Reconnect to a MetaFrame Server

303525 Invalid LDAP Filter for DHCP Server Authorization

303681 Parent Directory Link Fails with Directory Browsing Turned On

303685 FIX: COM+ Leaks Memory When Security Check Fails

303792 Dcpromo Does Not Work If the Credentials Contain a Leading or Trailing Space

303795 Leading or Trailing Spaces in Password Are Discarded and Ignored

303850 FIX: CoGetClassObject May Not Activate Remote COM+ Component

303873 File Creation on an NTFS Volume May Not Work Even If You Have the SeRestorePrivilege

303890 INFO: Application Startup and Shutdown Events Are Now Available in COM+

303918 Lsass Access Violation on Windows 2000 Domain Controllers Performing Name Translation

303920 Number Lock Status Is Not Synchronized in a Terminal Session When Run an MS-DOS Program

303964 DNS Server Caches NS Records Longer Than the TTL

303984 NNTP Service in Windows 2000 Contains a Memory Leak

30401CardBus Does Not Recognize Devices on Toshiba Notebook When You Warm or Hot Dock

304093 Cache Manager and Memory Manager Become Deadlocked When Both Flush an Attribute Stream

304094 Access Violation Appears When MIME Filter Is Used for Exchange

304135 Double-Byte Field Name in ASP File is Improperly Encoded When You Use UTF-8

304245 Hard-Coded Breakpoint Is Encountered in GetARPBuffer

304288 A Task That Is Scheduled with the AT Command May Stop After 72 Hours

304347 Server Does Not Make EAP-OE Connection to LAN If a User Is Not Logged On

304392 You Cannot Remove Network Components with Sysocmgr.exe and a Script

304481 Clients May Leak Handles if the Server-Side Process Quits Because of an Exception

304536 FIX: "Object invalid or no longer set" Error with Microsoft Jet

304541 System Monitor Is Missing in the DNS Counters and Event ID 3009 Is Logged

304556 "Stop 1E" Error in Win32k.sys When You Log Off

304575 Cannot View Bitmap in Access Form on Windows 2000-Based Computer

304653 The Serial Number Is Decremented in DNS When You Reboot the Computer

304665 Assigning Values to Properties of New WMI Instances Causes Leak in Client-Side Memory

304666 Deleting an OU That Contains Users Does Not Generate an Audit Event

304688 Pcmcia.sys May Incorrectly Recognize Texas Instruments CardBus Device as a 24-Bit Device

304697 Some Wireless Values for the RADIUS Attributes Are Not Available

304704 Access Violation Occurs When MOM Uses SQL Scripted Management Pack

304867 Patch Available for MIME Header Denial of Service Vulnerability

304908 Access Violation Formatting a Sony 561 Magneto-Optical Drive Cartridge

304912 Unsafe Removal Error Message for a DVD-ROM Drive When Computer Hibernate or Standby Mode

304946 Exchange Server May Stop Responding When IIS 5.0 Is Used and System Is Under Stress

304960 OIDs Are Unavailable After Hostmib.dll Unloads

305138 "Out of License" Error Messages in SBS 2000 Event Logs

305138 "Out of License" Error Messages in SBS 2000 Event Logs

305312 PageHeap May Cause an Access Violation with Private Heaps

305489 Access Violation Error Message in LSASS Because of Heap Overrun in Net API

305832 Memory Leak with the GetDirectPartnersEx() Function in Iadstools.dll

305933 USB Devices Stop Working After Resuming from Standby

306119 Stop 0x0000001E Loading Adobe Type Manager Font Driver

306131 Kerberos Negative Caching Causes Logon to Not Be Retried on PDC

306257 Ipconfig /Release or /Renew Leaves NetBIOS "Computer Name 03" Unregistered

306260 Cannot Modify Dial-in Permissions for Computers That Use Wireless Networking

306362 Group Policy Does Not Disable Shortcut Menus in the Thumbnail View

306414 FIX: ODBC Connection from COM+ Component May Connect to Wrong Database

306417 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 2 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 15

306480 Dr. Watson May Not Write Dump Files

306483 Access Violation in LSASS When There Are Low-Memory Conditions

306485 Password Changes Made with the Apple UAM Only Update the LM Hash

306497 Lsass.exe System Process Unexpectedly Quits with a -1073741819 Status Code

306523 Cannot Use Caller ID for RAS Authentication When the Call Uses a Japanese Phone Line

306680 Cluster Administrator May Loose Deny Permissions Indicator for Share Permissions

307308 RegQueryInfoKey() Function May Return Zero for ControlSetnnn Subkey Parameters

307383 Memory Usage Increases When Microsoft Distributed Coordinator (Msdtc.exe) Runs Under Stress

307454 Invalid RDP Data Can Cause Terminal Services Failure

307633 IIS Does Not Return an HTTP 304 Not Modified Message for Compressed Content

307716 Dial-Up Scripts May Not Work with a Saved Password

307950 Your Computer May Hang If the OemPnPDriversPath Value Is Longer Than 98 Characters

307982 Cache May Not Clean Up When the SMB File Handle Is Closed

308305 Event ID:43 and Terminal Server Licensing Service Does Not Start

308683 The NdsPreferredServer Registry Setting Does Not Work in Windows 2000

309625 Account Operators Can Configure DHCP on Domain Controllers

310510 Playback and Copy-Protection Issues When You Try to Play the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD Movie



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I care, Phantasm. Thanks for posting the fixes.

But it looks like the lists get longer with each Service Pack. ;)


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I am not too sure. Service packs are culmulative (i.e. if you do a clean install, you don't have to install service pack 1, then 2, then finally 3, you just install 3. 3 is the fixes after 2 and 1 plus 2 and 1.)


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Well so far i cannot tell any difference wat so ever:rolleyes: But then again, nothing was wrong before i installed it


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Thank you for posting the fixes... Though I must admit I didn't read all of them...

As for if it's just fixes after SP2, no...

That list contains all fixes in the three SP's...
Why can I say this?
Because it lists support for ATA/100 fixed... This was originally a hotfix created after SP1, but before SP2... (It won't even install in sp2...)
And since it was fixed in SP2, it stands to reason the fix list contains every change incorporated into SP1, SP2, and SP3...

(I'd hazard a guess that the fixes in SP3 is listed as 30xxxx)

Now just to find out if I should download and install it...



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[SIZE=4]Win2k SP3 - how to uninstall MS apps, or not...[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]By John Lettice[/SIZE]

Microsoft yesterday began spinning the proposed MS-DoJ antitrust settlement, telling reporters it introduced new, uniform licensing terms for its top 20 OEMs on August 1st (the day Licensing 6 kicked in), and that it would be disclosing details of 272 APIs (so there's an official API counter somewhere in Redmond) and offering 113 proprietary protocols for license.

The effects of these actions won't be clear for some time yet, but given that Microsoft has been insisting its own programmers don't get preferential access to APIs for years, one suspects. With the release of Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, however, it's been possible to see how at least one part of the proposed settlement, the hiding of Microsoft middleware and its replacement by alternative applications, works - or not.

The Register applied SP3 to the ancestral Thinkpad as part of the annual OS hosing, which generally takes place during the vacation. Yes, we take the Thinkpad on vacation with us, along with two PDAs, three other computers, a hub, a wireless access point and a giant pile of software - possibly more of this deep sadness anon.

SP3 applied onto a fresh installation of Windows 2000 provides you with a couple of capabilities relevant to the settlement, and something very similar, judges permitting, should ship with WinXP SP1. First of all, you can hide IE, Outlook Express and Media Player via the add/remove feature. This is something you used to be able to do anyway, and to some extent you could even actually uninstall the things, albeit frequently leaving large piles of bloat lurking in a directory somewhere, ready to spring into action if you showed the slightest inclination to put them back.

And in some instances it's possible even now to get things that don't appear in the add/remove of XP to show up there by adding the odd switch to the registry. You can do this with Messenger, for example, swo not all of this stuff is anything like as hard and Windows-breaking as Microsoft argued in court.

But the real wackiness of this implementation of the settlement Ts & Cs lies in the addition of a Set Program Access and Defaults entry to the start menu. This is the bizarrely byzantine route Microsoft has chosen to follow to make it "easy" for users and application providers to slot in non-Microsoft middeware. It is supposed to work through application providers tweaking their software so that it's aware of this feature. Naturally, none of the software people are actually using right now is aware of it, so it's of precious little utility for people applying service packs to existing systems.

After hiding the usual suspects via add/remove, we installed Opera, then took a turn through Set Program Access. Opera isn't aware of this, and although all of the relevant Microsoft middleware had already been zapped via add/remove, the only entries in Set Program Access are those very Microsoft applications. Not only that, the UI is sufficiently confusing for you to think you can set a program (Opera here, for the sake of argument) as the system default by checking a box over by the IE entry. This doesn't happen, because your build of Opera isn't compliant with the system, and what happens instead is that IE is reset as the system default.

The layout has entries for "use my current program" or "use Internet Explorer" (in the case of browsers) over to the left, and a "show this program" check box over to the right. So if you have "current program" checked rather than IE, you'd expect the "show program" check to relate to this program, rather than IE. But it actually makes IE reappear, at least in the case of non-compliant programs. The box is actually alongside IE, rather than the unnamed current program, and presumably another checkbox would appear next to this if it were compliant, and therefore was named. Down at the bottom, meanwhile, it says if you're having trouble getting your app to work with the system, you should contact your vendor. Which could mean a lot of irritating support calls for MS' rivals...

Aside from the support calls, if rival middleware suppliers don't rejig their software to be aware of Set Program Access, then it seems to us that it's more likely that Microsoft middleware will remain the default applications. Set Program Access provides Windows with a new central UI for setting system defaults, it's prominently displayed, people are more likely to use it than going straight to add/remove, and the playing field isn't exactly level, if you think about it. Microsoft apps hidden in the system still appear in it, while even compliant non-MS apps that aren't installed on the system don't (which isn't anything like as dumb a thing to say as it sounds - Microsoft could provide entries of for major rivals like Netscape or RealPlayer).

The user experience for people buying from PC companies who've done deals with Microsoft's rivals will likely be different. Presumably if a company has opted to ship with Netscape, then it will have arranged for Netscape to appear in Set Program Access, but will it be possible for it to arrange for IE not to appear? We doubt it. ®
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