Windows 2000 SP4 serious boot problem

By anarchitecte
Aug 15, 2006
  1. Hi!
    I know I should not post a new threat but I guess my case is really specific.
    I had a clean and stable install of Windows 2000 SP4. But a previous Ubuntu installation messed up my partioning. I wanted it cleaner. I have a small HDD.I had

    C:NTFS Win2kSp4 (5Gb)
    D:NTFS Myfiles (5Gb)
    E:FAT32 Temp (100 Mb to small)
    F:NTFS Paging File Disk (1400 Mb for 320 Mb Ram = too big)

    I wanted to allocate 400 Mb from F to E. I used the Windows Partition Manager after noticing Partition Magic Demo doesn't do anything until you pay. So I put paging back to C:, rebooted, deleted E: and F: hoping being able to fuse them to split them better after. It was impossible because it seemed E: was linked to D: as an extension. So I created a new F: NTFS Paging disk (960 Mb), E: FAT32 as temp1 (100Mb) and H: FAT32 as Temp2 (400Mb). Set the paging to F:. reboot.
    Just after Bios appeared "NTLDR missing". No boot possible.
    I boot from Windows CD to look at partitions. C: became F: and F: became C::mad:
    I reboot into recovery console and make "fixmbr"
    Now appears"strike F1 to....". I boot from Windows CD and run Emergency Repair. Long and suspect deleting and copying. "Repair Setup Completed"
    But still not boot: "strike F1..." :dead:
    I would like not to have to reinstall Windows. Does anybody have a solution.

  2. anarchitecte

    anarchitecte TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I see nobody was inspired
    I solved it alone. I discovered on Microsoft Website that I had probably changed the active disk. No warning and no boot.
    Emergency repair did not help!
    Copying NTLDR from InstallCD to bootsector changed nothing.
    Trying with a Ubuntu Live CD was to difficult and maybe not possible to.
    At the end I installed a second copy of 2000 on a different partition. I'll delete it now.
    What a waste of time
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