Windows 2000 UPGRADE

By hsvbooth
Jan 19, 2005
  1. I needed to upgrade Windows 98SE to Windows 2000 in order to use some professional tax software. I performed an fdisk and format operation, and set the bios to detect the cd first. I have tried to install the operating system from both the boot discs and the cd. After performing its operation, the screen remains blue with the words "Windows 2000 Setup" at the top, and a note at the bottom of the screen that says "Setup is starting Windows 2000".
    Unfortunately, nothing happens. I called Microsoft, spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with them. Couldn't resolve the problem. Said I might have hardware issues. HELP!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't even get the original operating system to reinstall.
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    Since nothing is on the HD yet, start the PC from the W98 bootdisk, without CD-ROM support, use FDISK and delete the current partitions.
    Then create a new Primary partition of no more than 8GB. Next, create another Extended partition this time, using up all the left space on the harddisk. In that extended partition, create a Logical partition, using up all the space left.
    Set the first, primary partition to Active.
    Quit Fdisk. Reboot again on the W98 floppy, without CD-ROM support.
    Format both partitions in FAT32 format c: \u and format d: \u. The first, Primary partition will become your C-drive. The second Extended/Logical partition will be your D-drive.
    Reboot again on the W98 floppy, but this time WITH CD-ROM support.
    Now make directory W2K-SRC on the D-drive and copy EVERYTHING from your W2K CD into W2K-SRC on the D-drive. (all files from the root of the CD straight into W2K-SRC, all directories also into W2K-SRC.
    Remove the floppy and the CD.
    Go to the D-drive, by typing in: D: and hit enter. Then type cd \W2K-SRC and hit enter. Now type in setup and hit enter.
    Hopefully the install will go through this time.
  3. hsvbooth

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    Install Windows 2000

    Thanks.... its now up and running.......still can't understand why Microsoft techs couldn't figure this out......claimed I had a hardware problem!
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