Windows 2000 Verizon DSL Westell 6100

By Bea
Jul 19, 2007
  1. I am new to the forum and I need help. I recently ordered Verizon DSL and they sent me a Westell 6100 modem with a self install disk. I am using a Dell laptop with Windows 2000 OS. I have been working with Verizon Tech Support for over a week on trying to make connectivity. The Tech Support expert finally told me a couple of days ago, it was a setting within my computer that was preventing me from accessing DSL. He basically said it was my computer problem and there was nothing else they could do. He did not remember the Windows 2000 settings.

    I can ping the Westell modem and get a reply that I am connected but when I attempt to put the IP address in the browser, I get an error message "cannot connect to DNS". Does anyone know if there is some settings within Windows 2000 that needs to be changed to make this work?
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