Windows 2000 vs. XP

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Feb 25, 2005
  1. I know that every one thinks that XP is the best but resintyly i was looking at windows 2000 newegg and i saw alot of godo reves about it and how windows XP was worce, they also said that 2000 was XP without the bells and wicles. i mite be buildinbg a new PC so i was sonding to saive 57 dollors and just get 2000, here are the newegg revews.
  2. poertner_1274

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    RealBackStuff will tell you every reason that you should stick with 2000. I personally have no problems with XP. It's just a matter of taste. And of course for the price difference 2000 is great.
  3. swker98

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    ok cuz for a new built pc, i thout that 2000 will dspeed it up alot. I hope it is a good os and will preforum good. i hate all the xp bells and wisles
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    I second poertner_1274 on that.
    W2K is (in my opinion) extremely stable and does not break down nearly as much as XP. Just look around this (and other) forums.

    Once installed, get the free AVG antivirus from Install and update.
    Get a free firewall from Kerio, Sygate, Agnitum Outpost or Zonelabs. Install and update.
    Get Service Pack 4 (SP4) from MS and install that. You don't need SP1,2,3.
    Then do all the necessary Updates from Microsoft, using IE.
    Lastly, install Firefox from and use that.
    Use IE only for windoze-updates.

    If you have come this far, make a full backup of your (basic) system or take an Image using e.g. Acronis True Image.
    Only then should you start installing other programs.
    Have fun (and piece of mind, knowing you have a stable installation).

    PS: I just saw it comes with SP3 already. You should still get SP4.
  5. swker98

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    Thanks, and if i get an hyperthreding prosser, wit cp ucan assigin it different tasks, and it uses it better. Is this true?

  6. RealBlackStuff

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    W2K can run on virtually any processor from a P100 upwards to the fastest AMD64-FX55 or Intel P4 Extreme.
    Multitasking has always been possible with W2K (actually since Windows95). The speed of the processor and the speed/quantity of memory have more to do with smooth running of many programs at the same time, as is a fast harddisk. Dual channel memory, such as on AMD64-socket939 mobos helps a lot as well.
  7. Kevin16

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    If you're a guy thats looking for a lot of features and enhanced security in an OS, go with XP.

    And I dont think Win2k is any more stable than XP, because XP is built on the same technology Win2k is. XP has, in my opinion, a better GUI than Win2k, and it tweakable in almost all aspects.

    Look here for Windows OS comparisons
  8. Revere

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    Hey! I am about to buy XP Pro for my computer. It is way better than 2000. I know how to get it really cheap. If you are a student or teacher just go I found an upgrade to Windows XP Pro which is normally about $400 for only $89. Go with XP Pro

  9. swker98

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    Well im a High School student, u ment collage right?
  10. Revere

    Revere TS Rookie

    Cheap Price

    Hey! No i didn't mean college. I mean you could be in college but you don't have to. I am in highschool. It doesn't matter. All you need is an acedemic id. You can get it if you are in any school.

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