Windows 2K on IBM xSeries SMSC and USSDGateway keeps restarting

By drem_ind
Mar 25, 2007
  1. Hi everyone,
    My server is an ibm xseries 1U thin server
    with dual xeon 3.0 Ghz processcor
    and 4 GB of RAM.
    Its running on Win2K SP3 and i've installed all the newer
    updates via windows update.
    Its running as an SMSC and USSD gateway with
    a java application server and mysql databse 3.23.58
    It was running fine previously until recently when traffic spiked up.
    On peak it can have about 10 request per second which would
    equals to 50 select/insert queries on the database per second.
    Ever since the traffic increae it's been crashing daily near peak load,
    but according to task mon cpu usage is still at a paltry 25% and theres
    still 2 gb of free memeory available.
    I've cleared the page file and created a new one, so i'm pretty sure
    it's not the page files.
    Last i checked the server was running pretty cool, it had 5 fans and
    2 power supply.
    So my main suspicions are the memories, drives or etherned card.
    Below are the minidumps

    I greatly appreciate your help.
    And please as i need this ASAP.

    Best Regards,
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