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Nov 30, 2004
  1. I have a problem with the windows login i want to get rid of the screen that displys a user name and password ever since i created a user name this appered(duh) now i deleted all the user names and it still dispalys it. So, i want to get rid of it so it doesn't appear at the start up. Is there a way? tell me. Thanks to who ever would reply to this
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    You can have a look here. I think that will help you.
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    thanks poertner_1274 for responding, but i still hae this problem if you can maybe there is a way to delete the login? or another way to fix this problem respond soon anyone. Thanks!
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    Don't quite remember the exact screen, but if you have networking set up, it may be prompting you for a network login, not a user log in.

    Control Panel, Networking and see the log in type. If you switch it to Windows Family log in (I think) it should go away (or now run off user profile logins - which solutions are also listed above for that), you may also get a message about network not being setup, unless on a actually network, not just TCP/IP - Dial up, you should be ok.
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