Windows 98 not recognizing Reboot/shutdown buttons; black screen

By snakemuse
Jan 8, 2005
  1. A custom pc running windows 98 se will randomly just stall. And by stall i mean: the screen will go black and the computer will not under any circumstances recognize either the reboot button or the restart button the the tower. Turning off and then turning back on the screen does not give picture, just the power light on the side flashes green to orange (not recognizing the signal im gussing).
    And sadly i have to unplug the power cord from the pc (and of course re attach it :p) to get it back up and running properly. It doesn't happen after any certain period of time that i can recognise.

    Its my moms computer and she only goes to pogo,neopets, and msn front page etc; So any clue as to what the cause of this could be or what i could do to prevent it other then shutting the computer down and tossing it in a closet somewhere to rot?

    And it does start up normaly after i get it shut off. Just runs scandisk at startup as with a normal buttoned restart.

    Help is much appriciated.
  2. poertner_1274

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    Could it be that you have Hibernation turned on? I have never had anything good come from hibernation or standby mode. Have a look and see if it is enabled.

    Right click on the desktop and choose properties. Then select the Screen Saver tab(at least I think that's what it is in 98 as well) Then look for poer options. Then Hibernate and System Standby, I would disable them both.

    Restart and see if it happens again. I'm thinking it should be solved, but if not post back and let us know.

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  3. snakemuse

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    Thanks alot! I've done what you recomended and we'll see if that works.
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