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Jun 25, 2007
  1. Hello I am new to this forums. I have a question that I need help to answer.. I built a computer myself.. and I backup my old computer hard drive. and transfer it to my new computer that I built.. It restored it fine. but When I go to let it boot from the hard drive Windows asks me if in wanted to start it in safe mode or normal mode. I started it first in normal mode and then in safe mode. this is what it did to me.. it goes to the window xp logo screen for a split seconded and then reboots again. How do I get XP to boot up??
  2. nickc

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    Windows has to be reinstalled on a new system. That means u would have to have a Windows CD to put Windows on a new system as u are saying.
  3. resu

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    hmm sry but its really too early for me to be reading :D

    but yea you best bet it to install a fresh copy of windows on a new hdd and then start copying across you old files etc by putting your hard drives in a slave master configuration i.e. slave = old hard drive, master = new (fresh install of XP) hard drive.
  4. diveman5

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    okay one thing is that the drive that I am getting all my files is a ide drive and the new computer has a sata drive.. and I have read that sata and ide drives do not get along with each other when xp is set up the ide drive first. And xp will not see the Sata drive if it been cloned to the hard drive. is that Correct??
  5. diveman5

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    Also Can I put a copy ide hard drive on the sata drive first. then put a copy of window xp on there to correct the problem?? or just do a clean install..
  6. nickc

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    if the MB needs the drivers for the SANTA u will have to fomat install the MB drivers for the SANTA then install the OS before doing anything else. then the other HD can be put in after a reboot and things should be able to be transfered without a problem.
  7. diveman5

    diveman5 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok I will try that..
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