Windows breaks up with lines all over the desktop and shutsdown

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Jun 2, 2006
  1. Ok, I'm having a weird problem and I'm certain it's hardware.

    When I start Windows XP, the screen (even when I see the first big Windows XP title screen) will break up. What I mean is the picture itself will be taken over by random horizontal white lines, then it either shutdown and restart by itself, or I'll get the blue screen of death if it manages to load all the way.

    I tried reinstalling windows (a different OS (win2000) ), in where I erased all partitions and formatted the drive. That didn't work. I also switched hard drives with an identical one from the exact same type of computer (same hardware and all, cause they were ordered together). The windows on the other hard drive did the same thing, so it can't be a virus, hard drive, or OS problem. I switched ram, switched slots...and it didn't matter, so it's not a ram problem. Monitor is fine. Fans seem to be working properly. Cables are secure, though I didn't try switching HD cables yet. I could try that.

    SO, the only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with the video card, or motherboard. I haven't switched video cards yet, BUT I'll say this. The computer doesn't do this in safe mode, and it doesn't do this when the drivers aren't installed for the video card (the drivers are correct). It seems like it can't handle good graphics or something. I don't know. On windows 2000 for example....if I right click on a plain blue background, little random white lines will appear...and when I refresh, they go away, untill I do it again. Then eventually the" shutdown in 45secs or however many secs" box will appear, and it will say LSASS.exe and some error in that....code 128 I believe.

    Does any one have any idea what this could be??
    Sorry for not being more technical. I'm still learning :)


  2. KingCody

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    since you say that it only happens when the video drivers are installled, yet you say they are the correct drivers... something is wrong there. where are you getting the drivers from? if you're using the CD that came with the card, then try the card maker's website for newer drivers. if you got the drivers off the website, then try the older drivers that came with the card.

    what is the exact brand and model of your video card? (specify the card itself, not just the card's processor)

    also, are you sure that it says LSASS.exe and not ISASS.exe? the first one is a windows system file, the second is a virus
  3. vvv_Fierce_vvv

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    Well, this whole thing was happening before anything was touched or messed with. It's a Dell Dimension B110. It came with Windows XP, and it started doing this on XP before any drivers were touched. So I don't think it has anything to do with the drivers...more on the lines with not being able to handle the graphics for some reason. When I installed Win 2000, I got the correct drivers. The video card is part of the motherboard so I can't switch it anyway.

    And yes it says Lsass, not Isass...and it can't be a virus, because it will happen if I hook up a different hard drive also.

    One last note...I set it to 256 colors and it seems to work fine...No weird left behind lines where I click or anything, and I set it about 20min ago.

    Very strange...cause I know if I change the settings to a higher res, it will do it again, and just shutdown on me.
  4. vvv_Fierce_vvv

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    Come on guys :( No one has any idea why a computer would work fine with 256 res, but when switched to high or true color, the screen gets weird horizontal lines on it in random places, and where you click, then shuts down by itself, because of this. ??

    drivers are correct.

  5. Tedster

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    this is a sign of either CPU failure or graphics card failure and/or bad graphics card driver.
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