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By acidosmosis
Jul 3, 2003
  1. We all come here to ask questions because we just don't know and need help, and sometimes we know the answers and are able to help the person asking the question. Lots of us don't realize the valuable tools that are on the Internet at our disposle.

    One very valuable resource, oddly, is which is actually just another section of You would be suprised at the level of content and information that you can find right on Microsoft's website. Who would have known? We all have a love and hate relationship with Microsoft and lots of us hate to admit it when Microsoft actually does a good job at something and actually helps.

    Working for an ISP I know first hand that a job in the IT industry isn't an easy one where you can just go home and rest, chill out at the TV, or go drink beer with your friends and watch the game. It just isn't how the IT industry is. I am sure there are many people that get by in this industry doing it but the fact is MOST of us can't do that.

    So what do the rest of us have to do? Well obviously if we don't sit on our computers at home and do our daily tinkering for hours on end then we will "lose our touch" and end up losing our jobs in the process. This also requires lots of studying especially in the IT industry and reading up on current technology.

    Recently I became interested (thanks to Phant) in running a Windows 2003 Server. We only run 2000 Server at work but to be one step ahead I decided to go with 2003 Server and am also reading Microsoft MCSE Notes, which will take about 3 months but I'm well on my way.

    Even if you aren't running a Server you will find some of this information at Microsoft's website very useful.

    Maintaining Peak Performance Through Defragmentation (also explains fragmentation very well)
    Multibooting with Windows 2000 and Windows XP
    Managing Windows 2000 Disks and Backup and Restore
    Windows 2000 Safe-Mode Boot and Recovery Console
    Introduction to Securing Windows 2000 Server
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    I encourage you to please post links to any websites you feel have valuable information. Please try and keep it within a professional standard (professional articles -- for example written by IT professionals).
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