Windows Crash (Mini Dump Inc)

By Ray Rampage
Jan 7, 2007
  1. kinda of a noob here,

    been having these mini dumps for awhile, while doing a memory scan nye my psu went. I got that replaced and its working fine. I thought the crashes may have been because of the psu but it seems not.

    I'm at wits end now and would be great full for any help

    System specs

    AMD Athlon XP, 2200 Mhz (11 x 200) 3200 +
    ASRock K7VT6
    1023 MB
    Two cooling fans
    M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496
    Hard Disk(s):
    80 Gig Samsung SP0882N

    have included a mini dump

    thanks in advance Ray

    the other 5 mini dumps you require

    Attached Files:

  2. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415


    Out of the 5 in the minidump zip ( by the way post the dumps on here, I hate having to trawl to sites to get dump files)

    they all error on kmixer.sys, i did a google on this error and one site suggested your Nvidia card needs updated drivers.

    The last one however errors on ACPI.sys, according to windbg help file this is the fix

    this error indicates that you need to obtain a new BIOS. Contact your vendor or visit the internet to get a new BIOS.

    If you are unable to obtain an updated BIOS, or the latest BIOS supplied by your vendor is still not ACPI compliant, you can turn off ACPI mode during text-mode setup. To do this, simply press the F7 key when you are prompted to install storage drivers. The system will not notify you that the F7 key was pressed, but it will silently disable ACPI and allow you to continue your installation.

    As you OS is installed I would go into the BIOS and check what settings you have for ACPI, if possible disable it for now and see how the system runs.

  3. Ray Rampage

    Ray Rampage TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry about the you send it link, I was quite sure how to attach all 6 mini dumps

    Ok I'm not quite sure on the ASRock site what BIOS I need to download, and is the K7VT6-C the one i require because they don't seem to have the K7VT6.

    Here is the download page

    Sorry to sound like I need to have my hand held on this but I don't know what I'm doing

    Thanks for all your help so far I'm really great full!
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