Windows crashes, need help please

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Sep 5, 2006
  1. Hello,

    My computer recently started crashing whenever I ran a graphically difficult program such as F.E.A.R. or Oblivion. I receive the same error every time, and it is:

    BCCode: 1000007f BCP1:00000008 BCP2:80042000 BCP3:0...0 BPC4:0...0
    OSVer:5_1_2600 SP:2_0 Product:256_1

    I hace run mem check without any errors returned, updated my monitor, GPU, and soundcard drivers without success. I've also uninstalled Nero and Alcohol 120% as I have heard they might cause problems, yet the crashes still persist. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My computer specs are shown below

    Intel P4 3.3Ghz
    Sapphire ATI 1900 XTX 512Mb
    G-Skill 2x1Gb DDR2 800
    SeaGate Barracuda SATA 200Gb
    ABIT AW8 3rd Eye II, intel 955 chipset
  2. Well... for starters - you're using an ATI-based GPU core, which will get you nothin' but intense temperatures. Depending on the setup of your bios/core drivers, each computer reacts differently to over-heating.

    First off, are you overclocking any of your hardware? (Blatant question, but I just need to be sure...) If so, release the overclocked state. As well, even if you aren't overclocking, download the program called ATITool - it will display core/mem temperatures, from there you can see how high your card idles at. - Get that, and reply to this thread w/ your Core GPU/Mem temperature readings. Be sure to do this w/o any graphics-intense software running.

    If it's not an over-heating problems, the best advice I can give is record some minidumps and post 'em here for the experts to review.
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    It sounds like an overheating problem, what I'll get you to do, is run the graphic intensive program and then after playing it for a bit, close it down and check your temps. You can do this in BIOS but there is an easier method: Download PC wizard 2006 and run it, this will show you all your temps.


  4. That's what I just said...
  5. korrupt

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    If you look at the time of post you will see that we posted at excactly the same time.


  6. jcagle

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    Well, it appears you two are smart guys. I took considerable care when installing the card, I replaced the stock fan with a Zalman, and I gave it a fan to blow air past it so the heat could not collect. The last time I checked, the temperature peaked at 45C, however, I just moved the computer and after running a program, I shut it down after the GPU core reached 53C and appeared to be climbing. I'll rework some things and post if it is unsuccessful. Thanks for all of your help.

  7. korrupt

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    Glad to help mate:)

    Good to hear your problem is fixed.


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