Windows crashing and rebooting.

By alamode
Jun 29, 2006
  1. Im having problems. I dont exactly remember the error messages but i got some regarding mmc.exe, mghtml.exe, win32 services, iedw.exe.

    Im really frustrated because for the past 6-7 months my computer is driving me crazy. My computer was crashing alot and one day it just stoped working. I took it to the shop and he said the PSU was bad. I got it replaced then i got to know that my Mobo was burng, i got it repaired and eventually have a new one right now. When i got my mobo repaired my computer was still rebooting and crashing etc. I took it to another shop and he said my Graphics card is the problem, and he also told me that i will have to replace the motherboard. Now i have replaced the motherboard and im using the builtin graphics. Still im having those errors and computer is constantly crashing and rebooting. During this time i also upgraded my ram and replaced my hard-disk. Please im really frustrated just get me out of this mess somehow. Also im trying to install Norton Antivirus and it isnt letting me install it. Its giving error and saying unable to install.
  2. iss

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    It sounds like you have major OS corruption. your best bet is to reformat and reinstall windows. or at least do a repair install. you can find the guide on how to do repair installs of XP in the OS section of this forum. it is a sticky so it isnt hard to find.
  3. wurms

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    "During this time i also upgraded my ram and replaced my hard-disk."

    Did you replace the ram or just add more? Crashing could be related to bad RAM, depending on what exactly you are calling "crashing". Describe the crash: Does the computer turn off? Just reboot? Freeze? Blue Screen? What?

    Graphics card is very very UNLIKELY. If it was the graphics card it would give you trouble as soon as the WINDOWS LOGO disappears, just before your desktop appears. That is when the graphics card drivers kick in. And then, it is only a driver issue.

    One thing to try is going into SAFE MODE (press F8 after you power it on until you are given choices). If nothing happens while you are in SAFE MODE then it is pretty much software related. Corrupted OS files or drivers. Sounds like you have replaced all the hardware pretty much so sounds like you have some bad files somewhere.

    Run repair with your XP CD. You can run "chkdsk" just to see if maybe you are unlucky and your new hard drive is actually junk. Just type:

    chkdsk c: /f /r

    and it will scan the sectors of your drive and let you know if it finds problems and it will fix them.
  4. alamode

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    During this time i have also tried reinstalling windows many times. It hasnt helped. Formatting hasnt helped either. Even changing the hard-disk hasnt helped. And i had a 256 mb stick before and i added a 512 mb memory stick. Right now i have removed the 512 mb memory stick and the computer is running pretty fine. It isnt crashing or hanging. Can you give me any memory testing program which can be run in windows ?

    And well my computer was getting that blue screen quite alot of time, it was the memory dump error or something. And computer was also restarting and giving strange errors. Maybe it was related to the ram because now that i have removed it everything has been running pretty smooth for the last 1 and a half hours.

    And when i use the graphic card with the computer, the computer freezes. It wasnt freezing or anything when the windows logo appears and the shop from which i got windows installed told me that the graphics card wasnt letting windows to be installed!
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