Windows disabling Direct Draw

By Gavin_Capacitor
Sep 20, 2007
  1. OK, I have windows XP x64, and I have 2 video cards. One is for my main monitor (8400GS - got money saved and waiting for a 9 series) and the second is a radeon 7000 that is just to drive my 2 old CRT monitors. Now, I know the radeon 7000 isnt supported officially under x64, i have drivers (NGOHQ 1.5.5 for x64 from guru 3d). They are even specific to my card no less. Anyways i know the radeon can do direct draw (movies and such) and direct 3d (ive played X:BTF on it!). I just got it back from an RMA and installed it - no matter what i did i could not get windows to let me enable direct draw. So finally I took out my 8400 and 'update' (ie reinstalled the same) drivers and BOOM - it worked. So i put the 8400 back in and installed it and everything was good, could watch videos on all 3 monitors (like I could before). But when I rebooted (the one after the reboot to install the 8400) *whack* - no directdraw or direct 3d on the radeon. So I know it works (it did before and does now) but windows hates me for some reason now. Thanks in advance!

    PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, it seemed appropriate since there is nothing physically wrong with the hardware.
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