Windows doesnt recognise my nvidia gf mx440 card

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Jan 12, 2006
  1. My nvidia geforce mx440 64MB is recoginised during post but windows doesnt recognise it once it boots up. Windows doesnt show it in device manager, it only shows an SiS adapter which only has 16mb of memory. I'm using an intel 865 motherboard and i think it has it own adapter however it doesnt have a port to connect the monitor. I've tried tweaking with all bios settings i can find but it is still not recognised by windows. What could be the problem?

    thanks guys
  2. I am not that shure what the problem is but are the drivers installed propley!
  3. Miano

    Miano TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cant install drivers

    I downloaded the latest drivers from NVIDIA but the setup program says it cannot install any drivers because it couldnt find any suitable hardware. Its crazy!!!! I know i have installed the card properly because it shows up during post and all the bios settings are ok(as far as i can tell). Under display adapters in device manager only an SiS 315 adapter shows up. I've tried disabling it but the Geforce card is still not recognised.

  4. mikelantel

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    You've selected the wrong driver pack from nvidia probably. I just did this with my new card. you may have to inquire with them which selections to make when downloading from them so you get a pack that supports your card.
  5. howdyhowy

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    proof of idendity

    Need more information,did you buy it new or used.Try looking under the cooler to make sure its a Gforce 4 440 mx.If somebodyelse tried to load other bios in the card than it would show a other grafic card in windows.Theres a program called Sandra's hardware ulility might help to find this out.
  6. Miano

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    I bought it new and it is a geforce mx 440. My motherboard has an onboard adapter but how do i disable it? My computer is now hanging coz of the onboard adapter, it pops up an error message saying that a device driver(Sisgrv) is causing system instability! it also flickers alot and i cant even play fifa 2005.
  7. howdyhowy

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    You have to take the new one back out .Go in your system adjustment for your software and deinstall your grafic Card driver for your SIS(without your gforce) and go in your system adjustments and disable your grafic card then turn your computer off.Then put your grafic Card (gforce) back in and load up your drivers which came with it.But if I'm not mistaken there should be a adjustment in your bio to turn your grafic (SIS)off.
  8. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    ok first off the intel 865 is not the mother board name it is the chipset that is on the planar, motherboard,mainboard however you like it... any way did you uninstall the drivers correctly on the last card that you had in the system before installing the new card and drivers?? you might want to check the manufacturers website for bios flashes for the brand of system board you have in case there is a hardware conflict with the new card.. make sure that it is properly seated as well and if it is agp then make sure that the little tension clip on the back side of the agp slot is in the locked position.. if you need a manual on the system board that you have give me the brand and the model and i can find one for you...
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