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Windows doesn't start!!!!

By mjmartins
Apr 10, 2006
  1. Hi there,

    I’ll try to explain briefly what happened. I have never had problems with my computer (laptop Compaq Presario) in starting windows. Now I have travelled from Portugal to the UK and I need to use my laptop. So I started it at everything goes well until the point when supposedly I should enter the user password. But the problem is that after the black screen I have the blue screen with windows logo and nothing happens...the screen to put password and user does not appear and it stays like that forever.

    Have tried the following: safe mode, the last good configuration...but I don't seem to understand the problem. On the airplane I had my laptop secured in the compartment and nothing extraordinary happened in the flight except for the soft shaking of the plane. Does anyone have any ideas???? I have all my work inside and I really need to keep all that information!!! I'm already feeling desperate here...

    Kind regards,
    Maria Martins
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    So what happens in Safe Mode?

    If you have an USB stick or some other media you can copy your documents to, then you could try a CD Linux like Knoppix to get your documents off the broken laptop quickly.

    To find out if something is broken in your laptop, you should test the hard drive and the system memory. The hard drive utility depends on the manufacturer of your HD (you may be able to find out the type in the BIOS setup). You can download the memory test utility from www.memtest.org
  3. mjmartins

    mjmartins TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Nodsu,

    Well the problem is that nothing happens on safe mode so I can't even access my computer and do any test to see what's wrong. I'm using a mac right now but it's hard cause my mind thinks in windows and I have to get used to this. I'll probably have to take my laptop to a computer technician. I don't even have my windows cd on me so I can't even try to correct mistakes with recovery console (like I have read in some posts).

    I just could never realize that travelling in an airplane could do this to my computer. I have some documents in a USB flash disk so I'm working but miss some of the softwares I used to have...

    Thanks for your help anyway.
  4. mtt

    mtt TS Rookie

    Hi Maria,

    Since yesterday I have the same problem with my laptop. The computer starts but only get to the blue screen with the Windows XP logo on it and it doesn't do anything else. I tried safe mode, disck error check, etc. and nothing seems to work. Were you able to fix it?
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