windows error when overclocking

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Jan 24, 2004
  1. i have a amd2600+ thats running at 2088mhz. i put it up to about 2330. then i get this that says "system\32\drivers\ntfs.sys" it also says to put in the windows cd to repair windows. i put in the cd the cd then tells me "setupdd.sys could not be loaded. error code is 7 (it also said 4 a few times when i kept rebooting). i put down the speed of my cpu to 1400mhz and took out a fan in case there wasnt enough juice going around. error went away, but i still want to overclock my cpu (as for heat its running at about 45c - system is at 29c). let me know what i should do. much thanks.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Rather than overclock, buy the AMD Athlon XP3000 Barton.
  3. Rick

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    Problems loading NTFS usually occur when your memory is maxed out. Perhaps your CPU will go faster, but your memory will not.

    Tough luck! ;)

    300MHz+ is more than a generous overclock anyway.
  4. Didou

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    I would urge you to read up on how your machine works first. Your previous threads show that you do not have much experience with this ( you were even having problems getting your system to work at stock speeds [​IMG] ).

    Overclocking is quite safe when you know what you're doing. In the meantime, enjoy your system as it is, & if later down the road you do not have the means to upgrade, then a little overclocking could be usefull.
  5. Nic

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    What Vcore is your CPU running at? You'll need at least 1.75v to get it stable at 2.3GHz, and it probably won't go much higher if you want it to remain stable and not get too hot. The default 1.65v will not allow you to overclock to the speed you are trying to run at.

    Make sure you have a good heatsink/fan, and keep an eye on the cpu temps (enable overheat protection in the bios). If you overclock to 2.2 GHz (same speed as 3200+) then your heatsink/fan should be rated for a 3200+ cpu. At 2.3GHz you need a pretty decent heasink/fan. You should be able to hit 2.3GHz without much problem, but getting higher is not worth the extra risk, and may not be possible with your particular cpu (unless you were lucky and got a good one).

    Download and run Prime95 ( to check if your system is stable, and if it fails, then lower your clock. You can increase Vcore up to max 1.85v, but I wouldn't recommend it as it puts your cpu at risk, and the returns you get are minimal. Personally, I wouldn't let your CPU run above 50 deg C, and would lower the clock to ensure that it doesn't get any hotter than this. Mine runs at 2.3GHz and averages 40 deg C (sys temps 20 deg C) without much problem.

    If your CPU fails, then you have only yourself to blame, so make sure you understand this before going any further. Good luck.
  6. Didou

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    His problem isn't even there. His profile says he has 266mhz Ram ( PC2100 ). If he's overclocking with the FSB, he won't get very far.

    But once again, it would be better to read a few articles, understand what they're saying & then start experimenting.
  7. SornyPanafonic

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    dont have any money to spend (wasted my money on dvd burner, bottles of danzka, 30 pack of busch (best tasting 12 dolla pack money can buy) and memory (pc3200) so i can get rid of my pc 2100 memory that i have now. also ima drop the fake *** compUSA silver grease that i got now and use the artic silver 5 i im yah i dont know anything about this stuff but let me know.
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