windows errors

By etones
Jul 29, 2005
  1. can any1 help me i keep getting errors on my pc that say -

    messenger service

    message from system to user on 7/29/2005


    windows has detected errors with your registry. due to these errors, your pc will be unstable and crash. you might even experience that your pc is running slower than normal

    visit to fix you pc.

    i dont know if this warning is true cause i done a spyware scan and it didnt find anything.
  2. Kev32

    Kev32 TS Rookie Posts: 75

    Well thats spyware, you need to analyse your registry using a special program. I don't know much about regwash, but I use regcleaner which analyses the registry for errors and automatically clears them. Other than that, Scan Disc might work.
  3. Abraxas

    Abraxas TS Rookie Posts: 157

    Turn off Windows Messenger Service like this:
    * Start -> Execute...
    * type "msconfig"
    * look for the service in the services tab and uncheck it
    * agree to reboot (I guess it isn't really turned off if you don't)

    But anyway, you should look for spyware, too.
  4. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

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