Windows Firewall?

By Axiarus
Dec 13, 2006
  1. I recently got a laptop. I dont like norton because i use a free macafee thingy. so i uninstalled norton. now when i try to get online it wont let me. i have to go to settings and click on windows firewall. when i do a thingy pops up saying sumthing like 'Windows Firewall/internet connection sharing (ics) is not enabled" so i click enable and i does some stuff. then when i try to click on windows firewall again it says some error has occured and i cant look at it. i then have to clcik it one more time and it will let me into the windows firewall thingy. then i can finnaly get online. i looked at my windows services and that service was on automatic. why isnt it starting when i start windows???
  2. zacbraak

    zacbraak TS Rookie

    do you have any related error messages in your event viewer (start, run, eventvwr , enter)
    it will probably be listed under "System" however it will not hurt to check the "Application" section either.

    You can also re-install service pack 2, as this may correct any problems with the firewall.

    Is the firewall enabled? check your control panel (Security Center, Windows Firewall)

    If enabled, try disabling and see if you error goes away (as a troubleshooting measure) in all reality if you are behind a router, you can leave it disabled.

    Try running in a command line "netsh firewall reset"
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