Windows Freezes and Recovery Disk does not work...

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Jun 30, 2005
  1. One of my friends recently bought a Gateway laptop about 3-4 months ago. It was working fine until one day the blue screen that says Microsoft XP Loading with Please Wait on the bottom froze everytime and he was unable to log into his user name and start windows. I am more advanced with computers than him so I tried helping him by using the Gateway recovery disk that came with the computer. I did the second option which automatically saved all his files into C:\Mybackup and reinstalled the operating system. However when you take the disk out and when the computer restarts to load the drivers (mouse keyboard etc...) it froze at the same spot everytime. I ended up clearing the hard drive completely and reformatted the computer using the same recovery disk. It then took the same process to setup the drivers and it again froze at the exact same spot. Neither option worked! Should I not be using the recovery disk...? What are my options to put a clean copy of Windows XP back onto this computer?
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    I'd try another copy of Windows XP or whatever OS you want to install. You can find all your drivers on the net if your mates pc came with those ****ty 5 or 6 recovery disks (they stuff up if only intalling say 1 of the disks)

    XP ****s me too ... I had a similar problem where my pc would take about 20-30min to boot up at the start (did your mates totally freeze or was it just taking forever?). I played around with the jumper settings on the HDD & DVD/RW & it worked. But yeah in general i'd totally format & start all over with a proper XP home or pro disk.

    Good luck! :grinthumb
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    If it is trying to load drivers, it sounds like it's a compatibility problem, or a bad piece of hardware. I've never worked on laptops before, so I'm not much help about telling you what to test, since laptop components are hard to come by for testing purposes. But hopefully someone with more laptop knowledge will be able to help ya.

    :wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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    Gateway finally came through

    Yea so I was just too lazy to figure the problem out myself...I just called Gateway and it turns out that you have to go into the BIOS and disable an intel option. This apparently was a safeguard for wiping out the hardrive they said. Once I disabled it I was able to go through the setup just like I do on my laptop and desktops at home.

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Awesome, glad you got it figured out. And thanks for posting your solution to help others in the future.

    I hope to see you around ;)
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