windows immediately automatically logging off the moment i log in. (WinASO related?)

By walkdontwalk
Aug 2, 2005
  1. I have spent the past 3 days working on this computer, i finally had just about everything perfect other than a decent registry fixer. So i downloaded WinASO Registry Optimizer (2.5, if i remember correctly). .

    I performed the "Speed-Up Your Computer" (or something akin to that, cant remember exactly what it is called) and it asked me to reboot once it had completed.

    Now every time i start up windows, it begins to log in, and almost before it starts, it windows immediately starts logging off again . .a terrible cycle. .

    I cant be confident about whether or not this is a direct result of running that WinASO scan, but im guessing it is.

    I created a sytem restore point right before i done the scan, but i cant even get into windows to utilise the restore. .

    any ideas?
  2. walkdontwalk

    walkdontwalk TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Pardon me, it was WinASO Registry Optimizer 2.0.6. . not 2.5 . .sorry:D
  3. walkdontwalk

    walkdontwalk TS Rookie Topic Starter


    P.S. . .safe mode does the same thing . .logged straight back out. .

    also, im running win xp sp2.

    ahh . .all the things i forget to mention . .
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