Windows Install problem

By kingruca
Sep 25, 2005
  1. Hi, I just ordered a computer kit froma website that allowed me to select each component.

    I setup the computer and turned it on, noticing it was going slower than
    I had hoped. Windows started and then I proceeded to add some software.
    Once the software was added, windows restarted and then refused to boot
    into windows, instead freezing everytime. After trying a number of
    different things I decided i would sipley format the C drive and do a new
    installation of Windows. Now, when I start the computer, I load from the
    boot disk and begin windows setup. I gets to the very end of loading
    windows setup but instead lingers on 'Setup is starting Windows' and then
    goes to a blue screen that gives me a stop error.
    stop: 0x0000006F (0xC0000020, 0x0000000, 0x0000000, 0x0000000)

    I have tried removing the ram and then putting it back in, but that
    doesn't seem to work. Is there a compatibility problem?

    This are the specs:

    -Intel i865 p4 s.478 800FSB SND/VID/LAN
    -Intel Celeron 1.8GHZ 128K 400MHZ
    -256MB PC2100 266MHZ DDR

    I've also been told there have been issues with Windows XP CDs, but I dunno.
  2. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    RMA that system,

    Its not worth the headache to try to fix a brand new system.

    It should work without problems out of the box. If its not you are ripping yourself if you dont make them fix the problem.
  3. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    Did you format and do a clean install of Windows? If not, you need to. If you have important data on the drive boot from the XP CD and then install. That will leave the data intact.
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