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Windows Installer problem ( need help bad! please )

By Confused1
May 28, 2004
  1. need help bad! please

    ok, so here it goes.
    I get this error message whenever i try to install something on my computer. It seems to do it on random things because some things install with no problem, but others will not. I right now am trying to install a scanner/copier/printer.

    It works fine to print from and copy, but when i go to load the software for the scanner, (which is what i need the most) i get this error at the end of installation. I am using windows 2000.

    Could not set file security for file C:\config.msi\. Error: 5 Verify that you have sufficient privileges to modify the security permissions for this file.

    Then it goes through the uninstall, so it doesnt work.
    Now this is strange because i have full administrative rights.
    When i go to search for this file, i cant even find it to see permissions. Im so confused as too what this is.... All help would be appreciated.

    Im just so frustrated that i cant install a simple scanner. :rolleyes:

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  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    Confused- Just a note about Win2k.. I've seen a few devices/programs (especially with MSIs) that REQUIRE you use Administrator to install. The errors caused by that are unpredictable. Bad coding somewhere in the line, for sure.

    Also, check the manufacturer's site for a software update. They may have detected the code problem.

    Have you checked to verify that the account you are using has appropriate directory privledges? Sometimes, despite admin privledges, a user account may not have permissions for files/directories. Stupid, again, I know.

    EDIT: A quick google indicates that error 5 is generated when the account you are using doesn't have permissions to set security privledges on the file in question. Take a good looksie over your account settings.

    PS- Weclome to Techspot!!
  3. BDWolfman

    BDWolfman TS Rookie

    Fix for c:\Config.Msi error 5

    The MSI installer apparently wants to create the Config.msi folder and populate it on the fly as an "Authenticated User." If you are one of the security conscious few, or your admin has locked down your workstation, you may find it necessary to create the Config.msi folder on the root of the C: drive and add Authenticated users to the permissions list on that folder in order to get the install to run. That's how I resolved the error for an MSI install of the Zen for Desktops 4.0.1 agent and the Java 5.0 J2SE (JDK.)
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