Windows keeps restarting after windows loading screen appears for 1 second

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So one day I restart my computer and it doesn't restart and it gives me a message saying windows did not properly start last time. the choices they give me are boot in safe mode, boot normally, and boot last good conifguration. None of those boot it, it just does the same thing every time, which is goes to the windows loading screen for 1 second then restarts and goes to the error again. Then, I ran a hard drive test and it said my hard drive failed so I bought a new hard drive and installed windows on there and it still gives me the error and restarting issues. BTW, my initial os was windows xp when it started happening, then i installed (and formatted) windows 98 on my old and new hard drive and it kept coming up so its not a os or hd problem apparantly. What is the problem? Thanks.


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this sounds possibly like a RAM problem. My computer had this problem not too long ago. Replaced the RAM and the computer was fine.

When you were starting XP, did you see any blue screens just after the logo? I'd see the logo for a second, and then see a blue screen (it wasn't a BSOD, I don't think, because it didn't have any numbers or codes). The blue screen had writing on it, but it was only up for less than half a second so I had no chance of reading it.

So all I can think of at the moment is faulty RAM. Try run a memory test (that memtest86 or whatever it is) and see if it fails. If so, buy new RAM.

Hope that helps :)


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Pretty sure Matt is right. To be fore before you just go replacing your ram you can try this. Just about any person on these boards will tell you it is like the best memory tester out there, and will tell you if your memory is bad or not.


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can you get into safe mode? (by pressing f8 a few times?)
if you can, do this:
start/control panel/admin tools/event viewer/applications
do you see anything with a red ! sign?
click and read it.
post back.


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Restart on Windows XP loading screen

I'm having the exact same problem. I have an AMD Athalon 2600+. Running Windows XP. 512+256 RAM.

I tried the 512 and the 256 separately, and got the same response.

Bought new RAM and got the same response.

I have had my computer for 2 years. I've never really had many problems with it, aside from my video card overheating now and again and shutting off the computer. I use it mostly for gaming. Could a video card have anything to do with anything? Radeon 9200 128mb. Just throwing that out there.

This sucks bad. Start, you stupid computer.


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So I took my PC to the tech guy at my dad's office.

He said that the CD ROM drive was bad and that it corrupted my hard drive.

I'm not sure if he is right or not. It sounds like a lot of people have had / are having the same problem and I doubt it is all due to a bad CD-ROM drive corrupting everyone's hard drive.

Some people are saying that it is a RAM problem, but I am almost positive that both of my DDR are sticks are working fine.

Some people are saying that it is a corrupt kernel32.dll file, which can be repaired by using your Windows XP cd.

If anyone finds a definite answer to this, you'd help out a lot of people.


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Usually this problem is a corrupted MBR in WinXP Harddrive. Have you try to load the Recovery Console and run Fixmbr? Or Fixdisk, which is the old chkdisk command and it will look for any HDD errors.

This problem can also occur with a badly overheating CPU or a failing PSU. Just as the Windows begins to load and more and drivers turn on and and start initializing things like video card and other peripherals the CPU is very hot and just resets or the PSU unit is under strain and the 5V "signal good" drops too low and the CPU automatically resets.



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I too have a serious problem with the above described problem, no blue sreen, and the system just restarts and restarts. I made, originally a recovery disk... but cannot get that recovery page to appear, no matter which option I choose at that Windows Advanced Options Menu, the systme just restarts....

Thanks to all who can help me and the thers here out with a rescuing suggestion. It seems that all of this happened just after the latest updates by microsoft, at least that is right when I first started noticing that drivers were not being recognized my windows on my sony vaio pcv-rs720G. I tried a estore, and thats when this restart cycling happened just last night. Damn i hope that I can rescue this thing. 1love! Jahn


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if you suspect bad ram, run memtest 86+ booted from a floppy or cd rom for at least 7 passes.


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seen it... =)

I have seen you symptoms.. and I raise you my two cents.. ha!

Actually my two cents are --- I believe a potential problem could've just been some bad driver or such in XP. I have progressed through a fully functional computer to one that doesn't boot at all.. (bad video card) to one that boots and then reboots as soon as the loanding windows screen shows up.

I have had the lovely experience of loading xp and then drivers and then sp 2 and then screwing it up.. and doing it all over again.. and again.. and again.. I think I've done this enough times I should go and put in for a transfer to IT at work. Anyway... you might want to just reload XP on to it with a totally clean install, new partitions and all that jazz and see how she works. It worked for me. (as long as I don't try to follow up with SP2... stupid microsoft..)

Hope this helps you...


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my computer has the same problems as yours, it is definately the hard drive cause when i replaced my new faulty hdd with a old one my computer worked fine, i still dont know why it did it, but im sure its the hdd.


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Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here, but can't resist jumping into the fray. I don't have any suggestions for the actual problem, but I think I know why the computer keeps restarting and you see a blue screen but can't read it because it's gone too fast.

In the System Properties window, click the Advanced tab and click the settings button in the Startup and Recovery section. In the Startup and Recovery window, System failure section, un-select the "Automatically restart" entry. Save and close the open windows.

Now when the OS fails, it won't automatically reboot, which will allow you to read what's on the blue screen. It's probably a device driver problem.

I hope this helps.


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COMPUTER restarts

Hi, there is a huge problem with my computer. I have a PC running on WINDOWS XP and it keeps on restarting. The first screen comes where it says DEL for setup and TAB for BIOS Report... I managed to get to the F8 where I can click safe mode or starting windows normally... but none of those reboot the computer. It goes until the page where it says Windows XP and it is loading and then again it restarts. Do you know what I can do to resolve this problem at home?

Stick'o ram

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I had this identical problem once, It turned out a file important to WINDOWS got corrupted and the Windows recovery option did not help, either did fixing the boot.ini. The only fix was to put the hard drive on another computer and delete the WINDOWS folder, and any other OS related looking files and install windows again but selecting "keep old file system."

P.S. But before you delete windows and install the new one, run a check disk or scan disk forgot which one it was and see if the hard drive has any bad sectors or anything. (its in the recovery console)


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thank you but what if I dont have another PC... I only have another laptop.. Do I use the recovery console to reboot the PC?


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What I eventually discovered....

Hi folks... looks like I never came back to tell you my official findings... turns out I had a bad hard drive. I took a new harddrive, had a friend who works in I.T. at work ghost me a copy of my HD onto the new one.. as soon as I plugged it in, all of my annoying symptoms went away.

A little more info to back up my diagnosis:

My machine would get to the windows loading screen.. and then reboot.. over and over.
If you turned it on and off yourself a bunch of times it would eventually boot into windows but quite often when that happened, I'd lose my settings and need to reboot again anyway.
The recovery console process would work temporarily. I'd go through that procedure, and then it would boot ok for a couple days until the registry corrupted again.

If any of that stuff sounds familiar too, or if every time you try to diagnose your problem you come up with something different... it's a good chance it's your HD.

Hope this helps you. Good luck.



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After playing around and removing reinstalling memory, this TOSHIBA 5105 beast is showing me the initial MS WINXP HOME screen @ startup then follows up with an error message "Isass.exe password incorrect trying to update password the return status indicates the value provided as the current password is not correct." And it keeps restarting to that point only continuiosly. When this thing did boot successfully, prior to me loading SP2, it never requested a PW so I don't know what's promting this! Any suggestions on how to fix WO reloading Bill Gates?
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