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Windows Lagging

By RamenNoodles ยท 12 replies
Apr 15, 2007
  1. Well I purchased Vista Ultimate and installed it, but didnt like it because it would not let me install BF2 correctly so I reinstalled my XP media center for the time being. When I reinstalled XP I started to get this weird lagging thing going on with my computer.

    Even when no programs would be running, the computer would lag (Ex - My mouse would move and stutter for half a second and move to where it was going. And the sound would make stutter like if playing a video on windows media player. It usually starts to do this after a little while (couple hours of being on) and once in a while will start acting up within minutes of booting up my rig. Once I restart my computer, this seems to cure the problem until the next time.

    For those of you who are going to ask, yes i Have up to date VGA drivers, Mobo Drivers, monitor drivers, etc.


    E6700 Core 2 Duo - No OC
    nVidia 8800GTX
    2GB OCZ DDR2 800
    250 GB Seagate HDD
    Gigabyte Mobo - forget which model number
    Thermal take case, 19in Hanns-G Monitor,
    Zalman all copper CPU cooler

    Does any one have any advice on what I can do besides reinstalling XP?
  2. eazy_duz_em

    eazy_duz_em TS Rookie Posts: 102

    have you checked any components for overheating?
    have you checked your hard-drive if it's on Ultra-Dma mode?
    hope i helped...
  3. IBN

    IBN TS Guru Posts: 487

    Have you ran spyware and virys scans. Make sure you do that. Chck out the security and web forum stckies for more detail.

    BTW what PSU are you running.You've got pretty powerful components there.
  4. RamenNoodles

    RamenNoodles TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 83

    Yes, I have AVG free and that pretty much picks up anything. But if it was a virus, wouldnt it start immediately and not kick in after at random after a few hours?

    My PSU is a E6700 conroe @ 2.66Ghz.

    But the thing im trying to get at is, why all of a sudden after I reinstall windows is this problem acting out? My rig was perfectly fine before this whole Vista crap.
  5. IBN

    IBN TS Guru Posts: 487

    By PSU I meant Power Supply Unit ie whats the voltage and amps on your Power Supply and what make is it.

    Make sure you read the stickies in the Security and Web forum and implement them. I have had the same problem before and it was solved after implementing those stickies.
  6. RamenNoodles

    RamenNoodles TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 83

    omg my bad. I am an *****. I dont know what I was thinking PSU was lol. I have a 550W Mushkin. Its a damn nice powersupply.

    Here is the URL


    Type ATX12V
    Maximum Power 550W
    Fans 1 x 120mm fan
    PFC No
    Main Connector 20 + 4Pin
    Dual +12V Yes
    PCI-E Connectors 2 x 6Pin
    SLI Support Yes
    Modular Cabling Support Yes
    Over Voltage Protection Yes
    Input Voltage 115/230 V
    Input Frequency Range 50/60 Hz
    Input Current 10A @ 115V, 5A @ 230V
    Output +3.3@24A, +5V@30A,+12V1@20A, +12V2@20A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.5A
  7. IBN

    IBN TS Guru Posts: 487

    Your PSU should be fine.

    Make sure you run those scans and post a HJT log in the Security and Web forum.
  8. hynesy

    hynesy TS Maniac Posts: 389

    I has sound problems too, like a cracking sound, turns out the build in audio on my motherboard was overloaded at one point and its damaged it, to fix it, i had to buy a sound card. So my suggestion is this, has you damaged your system while using the taxing windows vista and trying to play bf2 at the same time?
  9. IBN

    IBN TS Guru Posts: 487

    I very much doubt it. Vista hasnt got the best drivers yet. So until they come out with a few more driver versions and patches its gonna be hap hazard operation.

    I am running vista and its not giving me problems. I have a seperate partition for xp in order to play BF2. So I get the best of both worlds that way.
  10. RamenNoodles

    RamenNoodles TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 83

    Well the thing is, I coldnt even play BF2 on Vista, I was having problems with the 1.41 patch. I tried downloading it everywhere and it would not work. Turns out some how the game disc would not work anymore. Not even after I reinstalled XP so I bought a new copy and it worked fine. Kinda confused on that but thats not the issue.

    I wasnt even able to start BF2 up so that couldnt be the problem. And I have a sound card(creative XFI pro series), i just havent gotten around to snapping it in. (yes, i can be lazy). But as for the cracking sound you are having, mine isnt a cracking sound, its like a stuttering sound. like if someone in a video says "whoa" it will sound like "whutututoa". Its kinda hard to explain, but like ever 1-2 seconds the computer will start to lag, my mouse will skip on the screen and do that stuttering noise, it even stutters with that windows shut down noise (that piano/symphony sound) The computer is basically unfunctional when this happens

    I just am at a stand still as what to do. I dont want to reinstall windows once again, that is a pain, plus I dont have much of anything backed up.

    I just did a full system scan with AVG and nothing, did a clean up with CCleaner, nothing real big. I even defragmented my HDD, doesnt seem to be the problem.
  11. IBN

    IBN TS Guru Posts: 487

    Make sure you implement ALL THE STICKIES AND POST A HJT LOG.

    On the sound issue, check the speaker configuration in sound settings make sure its on the correct setting ie if you've got 2 speakers then make sure its not configured to 5.1 channel speakers. and check if its not on echo or anything.
  12. RamenNoodles

    RamenNoodles TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 83

    Quite obviously im a noob to this site, how do i see all the stickies and post a HJT log?

    But it the two problems im having come hand in hand with each other. If one is there, the other is right there with it. Its not like they are separate problems.
  13. IBN

    IBN TS Guru Posts: 487

    The particular thread you should read is HERE

    But I would do atleast these three things:
    1. Download AVG Anti Spyware and run a full scan.
    2. Run this online scan HERE.
    3. Post a HJT log in th Security and Web forum, you will find out how to do this by implementing steps 4 and 5 of the sticky link i posted.

    EDIT: How to post your Hijackthis log-file as an ATTACHMENT
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