Windows Load Screen

By a-dub
Dec 11, 2006
  1. Hey guys

    i had my PC on, which is running windows XP home edition, when the power in my house died. Once it came back on i tried to turn my PC on, and i came to the windows load screen with the options of "Safe Mode, with networking, with command promt, or start normal with last known settings". I'm sure your know the screen i mean.

    Anyways i tried start windows normal, which takes me to the black screen with the blue load bar, and right before i'm about to me taken to the log in screen the screen flashes blue, with white text and then the machine restarts.

    Nothing happens in safe mode at all, just a black screen before it restarts.

    Now i'm cool with reformatting the PC if i HAVE to, BUT i have to save the data thats on the computer, that is essential.

    Thanks in advance for your help guys
  2. Janes

    Janes TS Rookie Posts: 63

    Can you log into safemode?
    If you can then it could be one of your drivers causing the trouble.
    Re-install your drivers and maybe try to get the latest drivers.

    f you cant log into safemode either, its may be a possible hardware error.
    Try reseating the ram and plugging everything in and out.

    If it is still not working test your powersupply with a normal multimeter.
    See if it gives the right voltages maybe the power spike hit it.

    Do a Ram test and Test your hdd aswell.
    Keep me posted.
  3. a-dub

    a-dub TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok i cant log into safe mode.................

    that other stuff cant u inform me how to test these things or point me in the direction of where i can find out how to do it

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