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By moonxsoul
Sep 9, 2007
  1. Recently i dont know what happened but my computer has been acting up. When i turn on my computer, i would be at the Windows Xp loading screen with the bar right and it'd sit there for like a minute before registering or w/e and having your keyboard lights flash and then fully turn on. And also my sounds have been screwy or they're all laggy when i turn on a program when listening to a sound or something. I dont know what is up with my computer and will probably reformat soon when i transfer all my important data to my friends laptop to save. Anyways i've done all the spyware scan and can guarentee its not a virus or anything. One time when turning on my computer, it would even say Disk error or something untill i improper shut down it and turned it back on again. But yea this is getting really frustrating because my computer would use to turn on in like 15 seconds. Any suggestions and ideas before i reformat? =|

    Again i followed the thread on this forum for the spyware and i didn't skip or miss a step.
  2. silverwingz

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    dude! i know you. from somewhere. this is kojji, i think i know you from wow. maybe you played on stormreaver?
  3. AlbertLionheart

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    Seems to be a busy day for bad hard drives - which is what I think is happening here.
    First, if you haven't done it already, back up your data as you may not have many more chances.
    Go to the hard drive manufacturer's website and download their diagnostic tools - run them and they will advise on faults and what you can do.
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