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Windows loads...black screen comes

By -dark-magician
Mar 1, 2005
  1. I dont even know where to start here. I have had nothing but troubles since 2005 came around.
    first of all, my RAID 0 (2 * 80 gig Segate 8mbcache SATA) broke one day over a month ago... and needless to say that has caused many problems because XP Pro was installed on the raid as well and it broke while I was busy.. many many issues here.
    Moving on I installed XP on a 3rd 80 gig IDE drive. Everything is kool (kinda). I am trying to copy over files form the raid. yes it will work for a while , but I dont know if it is one of the hard drives, the sata cable, or the connection on the MB (asus K8v SE Deluxe) or HD. but it will just break out of nowhere.. i nudge the cabkles a lil restart and it works again.
    By now you want to know why this is in the video section. I got sick of jerky graphics so I whent ahead and installed the drivers for my vid card (Geforce 5600 Ultra) and I restarted, and the drivers didnt take .. i did this a couple times, but windows wont recognize my card now for some reason. so I go back in the case to play with the raid drives again and I notice I didnt have the extra power connected to the video card.. so i thought kool maybe thats why the drivers arent working.. so i shut it off, add the power connection, restart, select my O/S to load, the Windows splash screen comes up like normal, then the screen goes black when windows loads.. I hear evverything loads fine but I just have a black screen. I cant boot in safe mode, last known good config..I just get the black screen after the splash no matter wut i do. I disconected the power again to the vid card to see if it would boot again.. just black screen again. I been in the bios and changed some things ..nothing is helping. Anyone have any ideas .. oh yea when I first power up the 1st thing I get, before the post test is the Graphics card being detected properly.. the only thing i can think of trying is to reset the cmos by using the jumper on the MoBo looking for any suggestions before I do this.. even though it sounds like a windows problem not a hardware problem.

    sorry this is long and confusing, but there are so many issues involved here i am beating my head against the wall

    one more thing to add, when I try going into safemode, the last thing that tryes to load is Gagp30kx.sys
    i found this info on that file...
    File Name: Gagp30kx.sys
    File Size: 37.888
    File Version: 6.0.4015.0 (main.030328-1500)
    File Company: Microsoft Corporation
    File Description: MS Generic AGPv3.0 Filter for K8/9 Processor Platforms

    now I am pretty much convinced this is a problem with windows.. so I was wondering if anyone could me use KNOFFIX (linux on a CD ROM) to maybe fix this file?
  2. knuckleball

    knuckleball TS Rookie Posts: 60

    as far as the hard drives, etc. i would uninstall the ide drivers from device manager, reboot. should reinstall them to any new config settings that are there. and if you havent already, id say reseat the graphics card just to be safe.
  3. UnluckyNelson

    UnluckyNelson TS Rookie Posts: 28

    Really while you at it, why do you take such a long complicated route to fix your problem? Trying to sieve through insignificant drivers that might cause the issues with knoppix (not knoffix!) seems a little like, trying to reinvent the wheel and you'll need some degrees in programming and windows doing it.

    Look just reinstall windows, now with the extra power in the display card, you have done everything except that....
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