Windows loads sometimes, but most of the time does not.

By grizzlylamb
Jul 19, 2007
  1. Hello, here is my story. I recently upgraded my E-Machine T6524. I put in a new PSU (Antec Basic 500W), Video Card(PNY GeForce 8500 GT PCI-E), RAM( 2 1G Kingston 3200) and a Sound Card (Sound Blaster Audigy). When I turn on the PC I'm able to load BIOS and adjust the setttings, also I am able to press F8 before windows starts and start it in safe mode, VGA mode, etc. But when I choose a startup option and it load windows, no load screen for windows. I let the PC run for 15 min, still nothing, I am still getting a signal to the monitor. But sometimes windows loads, and it there no problems when it loads. But sometimes the system lags and windows(Browser, Folders, etc) do not pop up instantaneously, but rather slug across my display.

    I tried reseting bios, also I put all the original hardware in, I ran a mem test, when windows runs I ran CPU test, I changed the BIOS battery, I ran in on the bare minium, I ran boot and nuke then reinstalled windows. I even put a window fan next to the pc with the cover off, so the MoBO gets cooled.

    I am lost now, what are other options I may be not exploring.

  2. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 2,653   +6

    Try changing back 1 device at a time - example - take out the new vid card and put the old in, then take out the new ram and put the old in, etc, 1 device at a time.

    edit: when you put ALL original hardware back, did that include the psu?
  3. grizzlylamb

    grizzlylamb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes I did change the PSU, I also did one device at a time. Yet, no avail.
  4. CCT

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    All I can think off then is that, barring damage to the motherboard, you have loosened the cpu heatsink enough to screw up the thermal bond.

    What does the cpu temp look like in bios?
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