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Apr 22, 2007
  1. Hey guys, i'm training for my A+ and i had a question about windows concerning the maximum amount of RAM you can use with windows xp. Microsoft says that you can use up to 4 GB of memory with Windows XP. I know that with 32-bit processors, the address bus will allow up to 4 GB of RAM but windows xp will only recognize 2 GB of RAM. If windows will only recognize 2 GB of RAM then how can Microsoft say that windows xp can use 4 GB of memory. Are they referring to Virtual Memory? All help is appreciated. Thanks!!!:)
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    What version of xp are you talking? I think that you may have to have pro which I have seen a system that will reconize all 4. Not sure how they did it it was uning. Although I am not sure what you would need that much memory for unless you were running a server with server 2003.
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    XP PRO can address up to 4GB
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  5. formetopoopon90

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    alright. Thanks a lot for your help guys:)
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    so yes. Windows can POTENTIALLY address up to 4gb...
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