Windows ME Problem

By tomrice32
Oct 9, 2003
  1. Hi i'm new to this forum but from what I've seen so far it's a grea site and very helpful. Anyway I have problems with windows ME, everywhere else I have gone to people just tell me to get a different O/S because winME is rubbish. I was hoping someone here may be able to help me though, so here's the problem:

    When I turn on my computer everything works fine for a few minutes then when I am doing things my askbar suddenly freezes and nothing on the taskbar will work atall. As you can imagine it's very annoying and i'm wondering if there is a way to fix it? I've tried using an antivirus - no result, and i've got about 1.5gb free space on my hard disk so that's not the problem either. Hopefully someone can help please? :grinthumb :confused:
  2. StormBringer

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    Maybe disk fragmentation, spyware, some background application hanging... Could be many different things.
    Defragment the HDD, if that doesn't help, run Spybot and/or Adaware. Otherwise check to see if any background apps may be having problems or are sucking up your resources. It may just be that you have too much stuff running behind the scenes.
  3. Rick

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    Lots of sotware/spyware that runs in the background can cause explorer to hang like that. Explorer, by the way, is the program that makes your desktop work.

    Something you might want to try is Start/Run. Type in: msconfig.exe and press enter.

    A window will pop up and you should go to startup. Disable everything listed in that menu... This will disable all of your programs from loading at startup, but they will still be available from Start/Programs/ if you need them. Click OK or Apply and restart the computer. On the next boot, your problem will probably be solved.

    There ARE viruses that do similar things. Make sure when you run a virus scan, to update your virus definitions to the latest versions available. This is usually very important if you want to catch viruses released in the past year.
  4. tomrice32

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    Wow thanks a lot, I just tried that msconfig thing and stopped it loading loads! There was so much rubbish in there. I havn't actually restarted yet but it might well work. I have defragmented before and it didnt help but i'll run all those programs you said again and maybe do it every week just to make sure. Thanks for all your help people :grinthumb
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