windows media player 10 not streaming

By monback
Dec 3, 2005
  1. please help. windows media player 10 will not play streaming hyperlinks.

    some of the url's:
    (all from with the windows icon next to them)

    this error message appears:
    "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is not supported. In the Open URL dialog, try opening the file using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:" or "rtsp:")."

    when i close the error dialogue and mouse over the playlist entry a popup balloon offers the same message with the addition of:
    "Type: asx" or "Type: pl"

    attempted fixes - results:
    1) run several virus checks - clear
    2) manually enter url in windows media player 10 - no change
    3) manually enter url in mplayer2.exe(windows media player 6) - plays fine!!!
    4) disable firewall - no change
    5) check all protocols in wmp 10 tools->options->network - no change
    6) check connect to internet in wmp tools->options->player
    7) uninstall/reinstall windows media player 10 - no change
    8) remove windows media player 10, use mplayer 2 - mplayer2 will not associate with the hyperlinks

    all local files play fine:
    wmv, avi, mpg, ogg, etc..

    i am most confused by the fact that mplayer2.exe(windows media player 6) will play the url's fine.

    ideally i would like to use windows media player 10 to play these links but i would be happy with a workaround so that the hyperlinks are handles by mplayer2.exe. any help will be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts.

    system informaton:
    ibm thinkpad t23
    windows xp sp2
    windows media player 10
    avg free anti virus
    spybot search and destroy anti spyware
    adaware anti adware
    windows firewall

    if i have left out any relevant information please let me know and i will provide it for you.
  2. jmw63381

    jmw63381 TS Rookie

    I found I had the same problem suddenly yesterday and searched the internet for two hours trying to find the solution. That is when I located your post but found no reply. Similarly, I found no solution to the problem anywhere else on the internet. So, when I found my solution, I decided to post it here in case it helps anyone else who may find themselves in this situation. While my situation may not exactly match, it is similar and may be of help.

    To summarize the problem I was having:
    Windows Media Player 10 would crash if I tried to connect to anything on the web. If I clicked on would crash. If I tried to connect to a streaming audio source (like a radio station), it would either crash WMP or the browser (both IE and Firefox). If I tried to watch a video on the MSN page it would crash. Anytime it would need to pull info from the web...crash. Reboots, settings changes, all the minor things that you tend to try first didn't work. I even tried rolling back to WMP 9 but still had the same troubles.

    My solution: Fortunately for me, I knew all of the changes I had made to my system since the last time I had WMP working correctly. Turns out that in my situation, my recent installation of the Microsoft .NET framework had caused my problems. I am still not sure if it was a botched install or if there was an actual confilct with the .NET framework version and WMP. I uninstalled the .NET framework, rebooted, and everything was back to normal. I was then able to download and re-install the .NET version 2.0 beta build and everything is still working just fine.
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