Windows Media Player script error

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When i try to connect to the internet for media guide, it displays this message:

Internet explorer script error
an error has occured in the script on this page
line: 1
char: 1
error: object doesn't support this property or method
code: 0
URL: res://wmploc.dll/Offline_MediaGuide.htm

How can I prevent this?

In IE, click on Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and tick both lines Disable Script
and UNtick Display a notification about every script error
Found this:
Q: I'm getting the error "Object doesn't support this property or method" (or "res://wmploc.dll/ Offline_MediaGuide.htm") when trying to view the Media Guide.
A: The following steps should fix it up. Note that you'll want to retry the Media Guide after each step, since I believe not all of these steps are necessary.

Go into IE's Tools:Internet Options:Advanced menu dialog and enable Active Scripting for the Internet security zone (if you're comfortable with that. Otherwise, don't use the Media Guide since it uses Scripting...).
Run the network setup wizard (icwconn1.exe) again.
In WMP9's Tools:Options menu dialog, check the box that says Connect to the Internet.
Go to IE's Tools:Internet Options:programs menu dialog, check "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser." Quit IE and restart, and if it prompts to become the default browser, let it.
Go to IE's Tools:Internet Options:programs menu dialog and click the "Reset Web Settings..." button. (You can uncheck the "Also Reset Home Page" option on the pop-up dialog).
I'd suggest you install Winamp instead.
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